Sunday, September 26, 2010

Carolina Cruisin PT.4.....The Aftermath..

What's the deal with man? they're making you jump through hoops and throwing obstacles up!! making it hard for you to get to God?

They even try to play with Bishop Eddie Long!! just check it!! it's usually man!! the devils advocate!! what's the deal? it can even be a whole squad.

Check these Random Thoughts...the by product of rolling down I-85..rolling from the ATL to Raleigh-Durham..strategies working? letting go of baggage?

Whose caught up in the drama and trauma? it's everywhere!! home, church, on our jobs!! how will we manage?

Lessons taught? God never runs out of blessings!! as we overcome terrors and horrors.

Lessons taught? some aren't odd..still no peace in the Middle East!! listening to The Jacksons ..the CD repeats a bunch of Maybe Tomorrows..

It's not odd!! CNN and Fox News gives us the scores replacing ESPN and Fox Sports.

Spare the rod and spoil the child? soon prosecuted in Magistrate and Superior Courts.

The dispute doesn't seem to be mild..what's the deal..who tampered with the tea at the party?

The dispute doesn't seem to be mild...I was like Japan not apologizing to China..why did they start with me?

The pursuit of the loot had a lot of us in left a bad impression..

It's not cute..the stress will double..usually from one who hates..hopes a bruh aborts the mission.

The going rates have been calculated..while rolling down back in the ATL..

This brotha felt obligated to put it down!! Random Thoughts are expressed..I had a story to tell..

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