Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Staying Strong...

I didn't let them pimp me..getting free like the US hiker in Iran..this bruh was hip to the game..

USB cords and jump drives hooked to the hard drive..it's all game..

Chords on Yamaha keyboards are manipulated..jumped like Lebron...hard drives made to the hoop..

All the way live from the Seaboard area.. Charleston...Jax...Savannah..on over to the ATL..who has the scoop?

Some can't afford to pay the price to be free..even if they drink a cup of tea..they'll get caught up in a loop

The economy is rough!! we'll have to fight like Kid Rock..plus criminals will rock..banks in Atlanta get hit up..
now Po Po's in Crown Vics are posted up..they knew the scoop...

In some parts of the world? Revolutionary troops are posted up on The Gaza Strip...who has the rebuttal? once again it's on!!

Evolutionary process? Only Human Like The Human League? or is it just a clone?

Solutions to the madness intrigue us..either an information overload or it was withheld..

Secret knowledge was revealed...now Reggie Bush gave back the Heisman Trophy....the league suspends some...in some spots? hostages are held...

Mileage was gained when we consulted with elders..they let us know what it do..

Foul ones were insulting our intelligence...but welders fixed the structure...mechanical engineering..they knew what it do...

Loathing and fearing experienced by some..others used industrial strength to give the rebuttal...

Coaching...based on diplomatic immunity...plus Intergalactic..life on Mars? I'm just like the shuttle..

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