Friday, September 17, 2010

Carolina Cruisin...

Cruising like Smokie Robinson..from Atlanta to the Carolinas.

Whose winning or losing in the Queen City Charlotte?..please!! trouble will find us..

City lights blind us in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area...authorities will penalize and fine us..just like every other jurisdiction

Po Po patrols..helicopters the Chevy Impala is pulled over...whose playing a role in the Pulp Fiction?...

O-Zone rolls through..down south with the Midwest style and diction..a rough job but somebody has to do it..

O-Dog drops hip-hop..funk..jazz and'd real no fiction..act like you knew it...

Spotted lost souls and spitits...providing the contradictions and the conflict of interest..

Supposed to be Bible Beltresidents..but whose a person of interest?

Also known as a suspect to authorities..interested in you until the crime is solved..

...similar to fireman lingo when they say the fire is fully involved!!

...similar to your man O-Zone when he Transcends and can say he evolved..

..similar to when the caper goes were the I hear your fired!! Donald Trumpwas involved..

Plus some thought all their problems were solved when Obama was elected..but that's another story..

Hell is caught as the battle between the haves and the have nots continue..a lot of collateral damage..but it comes with the territory..

Others try to gain fame and glory by holding tea parties...others plot and scheme to help Venezuela

Others find help from neither the Democrats or Republicans...the coping strategy will fail ya!!

Not trying to sale ya a bill of goods that you'll be at the service desk returning..

Nobody to bail you out..even though I'm in Charlotte..the home of Wachovia and Bank of America...but noticed others stranded in these hoods...but we're at your service with the disco inferno burning!!

We're cashing reality checks based on our's been way too real from the ATL to Louisville...

Now cruising the Carolinas...from Raleigh to Charlotte..but we knew the deal...

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