Monday, September 27, 2010

It's On and Popping!!

It's on and popping...not quitting..not's going down from Florida to North and South "Cak a Laka".

North and South Carolina for slow learners..wasn't stopping!! score points for ya!! it's on and cracking!! riding in the Caddie Sedan Deville like a Louisville brotha.

North, south..east...west? spotted anotha piggybacking..on Fox News..going along for the ride.. slated for entry by gatekeepers.

Whose lacking credentials? they were null and void!! meanwhile some still hate!! but can't stop these creepers.

...What are we into? caught up behind enemy lines..but not sleepers in cells..actually we're just going through the motions.

..What are we into? about to lose our minds like Lindsay Lohan..chilling in cells..or rehab..showing emotions..

What it do? inquiring minds want to know man!! Bishop Eddie Long dead wrong? who else truth or dares?

What it do? it's on and popping!! it's hot like Los Angeles..anyone see what the angle is? money is made like Petrobras..

What's up with these bruhs? some can't understand these futuristic mystics aka prophets..

What's up with these bruhs? we're just chilling..while others were running off of cliffs like The Segway owner..running with the bulls and was all about profits.

Meanwhile we were running up and down I-85..covering the south side..rocking this funky joint..what's next from the fanatics?

Acting erratic from the ATL to all points did we respond? we dropped mathematics...

Check out these I-85 Chronicles...The Sonic Assault edition..these brothas are in the heart of it..where it's on and popping..

The response to those still hating..still debating..while it's breakbeat science we're dropping..

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