Sunday, September 30, 2018

John Coltrane - Bakai

Sunday Jazz Continues, but it also involves some digital crate digging...

The saga / struggle continues as a dude evolves, especially after those that hate are bid rigging...

Per the narrow scope of the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh "it ain't hard to tell" y'all; problem solved? 

Narrow minds doped, the instigation was amped up not paused!! fireman's lingo? the fire is fully involved..

Narrow minds scoped by doctors and surgeons? meanwhile we kept on working!! listening to John Coltrane play Bakai

Check out the players and the track, for a Sunday afternoon? this is working!! so we'll rock ya..

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jean Luc Ponty - In Spiritual Love

Digital Crate Digging Continues; a Saturday afternoon / evening is the time frame...

From Afternoon Jazz to the Saturday Night Fever? check the transition, rebuking the system's mission; a big mind game...

A tune or two will be a way to fight the fever; Dr O-Dizzle will prescribe the medicine plus he's taking some..

Oh yes!! taking some of my own medicine? that's the dizzle!! checked the vibe, the reign began with a drizzle overtaking some..

Oh yes!! like Jeff Flake some will have that moment, they'll be on it; like Jean Luc Ponty with a track called In Spiritual Love

Oh yes!! check the players and the track!!  some will fake the funk like Trump at the UN, laughing is what the response will be; they know there's no love..

Herb Alpert - Kalimba

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Herb Alpert - Kalimba: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Afternoon; I usually have my Afternoon Jazz segment rolling... The saga / struggle continues...

Best of Jazz Hop | The Jazz Hop Conspiracy, Vol. 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues; per this Saturday afternoon? bear witness to this Afternoon Jazz segment..

It's the weekend baby!! some are turned up, weed burned up and adult beverages turned up; can you dig it? 

We're coming from another direction, turned left instead of right, kept my leverage!! now I'm doing what I do..

Funky drumming / beat perfection expeditions taken!! sonic assaults unleashed confronting jokers like Sen. Jeff Flake elevating; acting like we knew..

Funky drumming / beat perfection expeditions taken!! the fake were elaborating like Brett Kavanaugh trying to come up with alibis; a left or right wing conspiracy in full effect? 

In the meantime and between time we're listening to Best of Jazz Hop | The Jazz Hop Conspiracy, Vol. 2 courtesy of SIX-Music; check out the playlist and the mix; good music is what you can expect..

00:00:00 LeVirya - Lids, Muggles & Smokin' Sides 00:02:55 MAXGONZ - Alleyways 00:05:59 Wolberts - Stereo Ritual 00:09:22 - Duke Busker 00:11:07 saib. - In the Sky 00:13:29 Mono:Massive - High 00:16:18 The Beatknitter - Velocity 00:19:36 GooMar - Middle Class Standing 00:22:32 Patrick Duvignacq - Belmore Cafeteria 00:26:04 Fab Beat - One More Time 00:29:00 Boztown - Hurry On 00:31:56 ØDYSSEE - It Happens 00:33:21 Handbook - Go Outside 00:36:06 Phlocalyst - Thinking of You 00:38:38 Styles in Black - Stay True (To The Jazz) 00:43:14 Mr. Käfer - Thoughts 00:44:59 P.R - Worth-While 00:48:02 Keizan & DJ Meloman - Les Yeux Dans les Bleus 00:50:50 Cap Kendricks - Queens Beach 00:53:45 Isaac Haze - Pintado 00:57:32 Devaloop - Mother Sun 01:00:14 Alter Ego - Tigers on my Shirt 01:03:35 Wilczynski - Penthouse „Midnight“ 01:06:48 KarmawiN - Street Son 01:10:19 Paul Grape - Moment Of Today 01:13:10 Funky Fella - Gimme Kiss II 01:16:31 Hundertmark Beatz - Cold Peppermint 01:19:31 Remulak - Waterfalls 01:24:03 zmeyev - Smooth Jazz 01:26:56The Innkeepers - Chin

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hi Tek - The Hi Tek Tape VOl 02

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Hi Tek - The Hi Tek Tape VOl 02: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; The O-Dog Day Party is underway... The saga / struggle continues, flashbacks made O...

Glitterbox Radio Show 077: Gershon Jackson

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; might as well say it's the weekend baby!!

The O-Dog Day Party is underway, early; who'll work with me? they can't? the argument is a weak one baby!!

Sounding like Brett Kavanaugh at his hearings, co-signed by Lindsey Graham and other Republicans so what's up man? is the fix in? 

What's up y'all? you know these gamblers are out for a fast buck then they'll try to dip in a fast truck; a Ford F-150 that needs fixing? 

What's up y'all? O-Dizzle is in the mix where they're fixing that and this!! listening to Glitterbox Radio Show 077: Gershon Jackson...

What's up y'all?  what's the dizzle? check the playlist and the mix, reminded of disco glam and glitz? oh yes!! the O-Dog Day Party is going down!! we're all up in the action!!

01. The Shapeshifters featuring Teni Tinks - Try My Love (On For Size) (Club Mix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
02. Lisa Millett - Don't Bring Me Down (Copyright Main Mix) [Defected]
03. Gershon Jackson - Hands Together (Extended Vocal) [Glitterbox Recordings]
04. Candido - Dancin' & Prancin' [The Reflex Revision] [Salsoul Records]
05. Kraak & Smaak featuring John Turrell - Back Again (Hot Toddy Remix) [Jalapeno Records]
06. Ten City - Only Time Will Tell [EastWest Records]
07. Key Tronics Ensemble - House of Calypso (Remix Version) [Irma]
08. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings of Life (Original Mix) [Transmat]
09. Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - 3am (Original Mix) [Defected]
10. Carolyn Harding & Damon Horton - Sing-A-Song (Masters At Work's High Vocal Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
11. Teddy P - Stay With Me (Baby Powder Classic Mix) [Deeper Side Of Cyberjamz]
12. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (Soulsearcher Club Mix)
13. Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit] [Kudu]
14. France Joli - Gonna Get Over You (Original Mix) [Prelude]

Sade - Give It Up (Matrixxman & Vin Sol Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on some Flashback Friday type of business, alright?

The saga / struggle continues, gave the cash back and doing things my way; not selling out,  check the insight..

Unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams, plus a campaign slogan from Shirley Chisholm; these days?  per Brett Kavanaugh hearings we bear witness to the schism; 

Sonic assaults are unleashed per the Lindsey Graham shady dealings, holding up Merrick Garland now in Brett Kavanaugh hearings spazzing; I knew how they would act so I'm just chilling..

Like Louisvillians / Louisvillains spazzing on Greenwood and Garland Streets down by Victory Park? ruthless with it!! some invoke the constitution but for my constituents it's toothless!! loathing and fearing by inside jokers will have some razzing...

Chilling like a villain / Louisvillian? oh yes, I've been hood!! check the truth told about the toil / strife as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta still living that hooptie life!! but now O-Zone is passing..

Oh yes!! passing to mantle to O-Dizzle my alter ego the sound selector!! listening to some soul jazz / house music from Sade with Give It Up (Matrixxman and Vin Sol Edit)

Oh yes!! perfect for this Flashback Friday as I do things my way!! check out the track, can you dig it? 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

DJ Muggs - The Muggs Tape VOl.02

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ Muggs - The Muggs Tape VOl.02: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; who'll work with me? we won't quit and won't stop like Brett Kavanaugh ...

Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; who'll work with me as I take it back for a minute or two? 

Oh!! I'm still futuristic with it but you might have missed it, so I'll let you know what it do...

Whatcha going through? please!! it's rough out here!! as I type this Brett Kavanaugh is waxing poetic..

..concerning Christine Blasey Ford, some say the cards are stacked!! what's up y'all? please!! these hustle knockers stay busy; they're doing it!!

Back in the day?  per this Throwback Thursday business the raggedy Ford Crown Victoria broke down on me up in Nashville, but I still it kept real!! I stayed grounded!! please believe me O-Dizzle will rock ya!!

Back in the day? per this Throwback Thursday type of business we're listening to Lords of the Underground with Chief Rocka..

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Beat Therapy 24 - A Trip Hop World Fusion Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Beat Therapy 24 - A Trip Hop World Fusion Mix: Digital Crate Digging Continues, the HumpDay Extravaganza is on and popping!! Oh yes, you should know how I play; getting over the hump? i...

We're Making A Jack Move PT.10

It's the Humpday Extravaganza! we're making a jack move / we're back at it,  following the usual routines / rites and rituals. 

Getting over the hump? somebody will understand a brotha!! we're making a jack move / we're  back at it!!  it's not unusual to be on these scenes but not getting laughed at like Trump at the UN, we're having fights with these habituals. 

We're making a jack move / we're back at it!! rolling like Michael Avenatti?  what it do / what it does?  those were the questions asked by some. 

"I holla back" /  earlier I was telling them questions answered themselves,  plus there's a message in the drum. 

Oh yes?  per Kool and The Gang there's a message in the music,  so this funky drummer will give them some!!

What goes around comes around!!  James Brown would say give the drummer some!!  

Also mentioned by the Ultramagnetic MC'S; please!! once again it's on!! like Nike contributing to shady Republicans with profits made from Colin Kaepernick endorsements we should know how the sport gets!!  shady games go down here in Babylon,  it's business as usual. 

Fanatics like to get shifty / shady with it; but Tom Jones told us to be loved by anyone is not unusual. 

What it do in these zones?  now Carlton from the Fresh Prince will get his dance on. 

What it do in these zones? who's starting it like China blocking a US ship in Hong Kong per military sanctions and trade wars; check the debatable circumstances, once again it's on!!

What it do in these zones? we're making a jack move before jokers try to jam a brotha up like Bill Cosby..

We're making a jack move after paying the price, we're due a rebate after dealing with the hate; the system overestimated what the cost would be..

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We Were On A Different Page PT.5

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We Were On A Different Page PT.5: We were on a different page, but per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday things can go either way.. Feeling a different rage? starting a tra...

We're Making A Jack Move PT.9

We had work to do; Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is here, things can go either way; those thoughts intensified...

What it do? we're grateful to see this day, even though we know how these earthlings will play; like Brett Kavanaugh protesters calling out Ted Cruz because somebody lied..

We had word to do, so we're making a jack move; mentioned earlier I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian while others were getting Cavalier like Cleveland. 

..without Lebron,  so they don't have it going on like the Louisville football team without Lamar Jackson in the action;  if they tell you they're alright don't believe them. 

It's on!! so don't believe the hype like Public Enemy instructed you to.

It's on!! we make a jack move against the deceitful type! they can be private or public entities, check the deficiencies after they corrupted you.

So what's up with you?  that's what some asked me; making a jack move, limelight basking will be the last thing I do. 

We're making a jack move, out here on I-20 in Atlanta!!  but in the ATL rush hour traffic? my constituents crashed and burned,  they didn't negotiate the turn!!  damn it was too fast for you! 

Others made a jack move, the constitution was trashed by Democrats and Republicans!! soon so called evangelicals that support Trump will try to find out what praying and fasting will do.

The confusion / chaos was introduced by fanatics, aka evil angels; it's meant for you to take a loss!!  playing the hand your dealt? see what the mathematics will do!!

We're using the sound and this good word to make a jack move!! not worried about taping Trump or the 25th Amendment like Rod Rosenstein..

We're using the sound and this good word to make a jack move!!  beats will bump, we're not jiving with it when we're on the scene..

Monday, September 24, 2018

Smif-N-Wessun: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; we govern ourselves accordingly...

Digital? analog? vinyl / cassettes or MP3s? you'll see me with all formats, governing myself accordingly..

Meanwhile the government is acting out of order trying to push through Brett Kavanaugh  Supreme Court nominations..

Meanwhile others like Rod Rosenstein want the tape to rewind for 25th Amendment instigations..

Meanwhile brothas like me are on the scene with that boom bap hip hop; listening to Smif-N-Wessun: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert..

Oh yes!! back on the scene with that boom bap hip hop!! check the playlist and the sound; for Music Monday? it'll work!!

"Bucktown" "Stand Strong" "One Time"

We Were On A Different Page PT.4

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We Were On A Different Page PT.4: We were on a different page, feeling a different rage; what it do? it's rough out here in these streets /  it's tight in these hoods...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tony Allen - Asiko (In A Silent Mix) (Motor City D...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Tony Allen - Asiko (In A Silent Mix) (Motor City D...: Sunday Jazz Continues!! digital crate digging is involved, it's part of the process... The saga / struggle continues!! problems solved...

Franck Biyong and The Afrolectric Orkestra - Africadelic

Sunday Jazz Continues, on this day of reflection and internal inspection..

Son is trying not to spaz on those disrespecting; it'll work me into a frenzy and I'll start an insurrection..

Son will get an erection lasting more than four hours then it'll be screw the world after the drama unfurled..

Standing at the intersection with this good word and the sound;  dude will hurl it at the world.. rocks hurled in the Gaza Strip! but they've upgraded to bombs /RPGs, those other antics were a relic..

O-Dizzle rocks,it's going down from Africa to the ATL!!  he'll flip this jazz funk  / afrobeat  sound from this Manu Dibango written track from Franck Biyong and The  Afrolectric Orkestra called  Africadelic 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

De-Phazz - Cut The Jazz

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: De-Phazz - Cut The Jazz: Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Saturday Night Fever segment; we'll deploy the sonic regiment.. The saga / struggle continues, ...

Friday, September 21, 2018

Funky Vibes UK Guest Mix #6 - Charlie Beale (Retro 70s 80s Funky House, Disco & Boogie Vibes)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday,  boots are on the ground, we'll hit the ground running..

The saga / struggle continues but this dude reboots with the sound; we've got the funky drummer drumming!

Some said we're slumming, you can call it that because this is definitely a hood thing, plus we're blessed it's not a knock on wood thing...

Haters were shunning, we're not fooling with them!! those matrix architects will have you stressed and that's not a good thing!!

We kept on running, even though it got lonely out there; we got off into the sound listening to Funky Vibes UK Guest Mix #6 - Charlie Beale (Retro 70s 80s Funky House, Disco & Boogie Vibes)

We kept on stunning the masses by conducting these seminars and classed from the London in the UK to the ATL!! check out the playlist and the mix to catch the vibes!!

70s 80s Funky House & Disco Vibes Mix - Funky Vibes Guest Mix #6 - Charlie Beale Tracklist 1. The Fatback Band - Mr. Bassman (Charlie Beale Regrooved Edit)
2. Toots & the Maytals - Funky Kingston (Charlie Beale Regrooved Edit)
3. Midnight Star - I've Been Watching You (Charlie Beale Regrooved Edit)
4. Dr Packer - Do Your Thing
5. D.C. LaRue – Cathedrals (JKriv Dub)
6. James Brown - Too Funky in Here (Charlie Beale ReGrooved Edit)
7. Micky More, Andy Tee - I'm Another Man (Original Mix)
8. Tonbe - Clav Rules
9. Me & My Toothbrush - Air Miles (Original Mix)
10. Francesco Cofano pres.Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea (Francesco Cofano Mix)
11. CFS - Ms Got The Body (Beat Le Juice Remix)
12. Paolo Mojo - Give It All Away (Thomaz Krauze Remix)
13. Blondie - Rapture (Rhythm Scholar Recurring Dream Remix)
14. Anderson.Paak - Come Down (SLY 'Melba' Edit)
15. Mr Stabalina - Put Ya Hands Up feat. Summer Bright

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Exodus Quartet - 18th Street

Digital Crate Digging Continues, so what's up? this is the HumpDay Extravaganza!!

What's it all about / what does it all mean? we're just trying to get over the hump, understand a brotha?

Without a doubt we're on the scene, blasting off into the universe from our I-20 runway in Atlanta..

Making an exodus to the next cuz!! lasting? naw the curse is reversed, it's done away with, understand a brotha?

Listening to the Exodus Quartet with 18th Street!! it's not Throwback Thursday but reminded of 18th street up in Louisville where back in the day everything was going on..

The Exodus Quartet? pre-Thievery Corporation, check out the players and the track to see what's going on!!

Bass – Eric Hilton
Drums – Greg Grainger
Guitar – David Hanbury
Organ [Hammond B3] – David Ylvisaker
Percussion – Rene Ibanez
Saxophone – Al Williams 
Written-By, Producer – David YlvisakerEric Hilton

David Penn - ‘Nobody’ (Club Mix)

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: David Penn - ‘Nobody’ (Club Mix): Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza!! excuse us as we try to get over the hump!! The saga / struggle continues. a...

Mindful Vibes - Episode 31 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Humpday Extrvaganza segment; our duties? we're not derelict..

Heard the debate, but getting over the hump is the mission, understand a brotha? we're trying to deal with it!!

Heard the debate, but who's real with it? jokers were on a mission, pushing through their agenda like the GOP supporting Kavanaugh confirmations in the midst of Christine Blasey Ford allegations...

Check the state of the union, deacons might need to administer communion to y'all caught up in foul situations..

O-Dizzle? the minister of music in this administration, curating this smooth sound per this Mindful Vibes - Episode 31 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD

It's courtesy of Mindful Music, for chilling on this Hump Day it's conducive; check out the playlist and the mix for the deally!!

01. Mge & Philippe Edison - Rain In Arizona (Alt. Take) 0:00 02. Flamingosis - Dinner and an Anime 02:39 03. Kupla X j'san - My Love 05:28 04. Funkmammoth - Juicy Flute 08:07 05. Yoann Garel - Fuite No. 3 10:44 06. .EEhOU - Follow Me 14:41 07. Sazetrax - Last Day Away 17:20 08. Sakura - Bubble Jungle 19:26 09. Handbook - (Your Love) Doesn't Mean A Thing 21:31 10. Fade to Blind - Birds 24:38 11. Bonus Points x Tetsuo - Malibu 27:49 12. Hansaschmidt - Recapture 31:25 13. Funkmammoth - Juicy Flute 34:20 14. Sazetrax - A Bit Delayed 36:58 15. JULIAN AVILA - beachfront 39:46 16. Analog Sweden & Max I Million - Värmlandsvisan 42:57 17. Hazy Year - Papaya and Friends 46:10 18. Freddie Joachim - Strawberries 48:20

We're Making A Jack Move PT.8

Our backs were against the wall, so like China introducing their own tariffs we'll have to make a jack move / handle business

What's up y'all? we'll find out who's fair with this!! some didn't "holla back"  but I already knew what the deal was.

What's up y'all?  I see some of my constituents are caught out there,  they can bear witness to what the real was. 

 Or  like the Mitch McConnell and the GOP  trying to push Brett Kavanaugh through despite the allegations faced  we see what the real is; per this Humpday Extravaganza?  Tina Marie square biz is what it do or does.

 O-Zone? coping strategies didn't fail, I know what the deal is;  it's rough out here and it's not getting any easier!!. 

Danger zone business? we're going in / getting in, we'll have to make a jack move;  a dude wishes it was simple but the sport is complex,  nobody will appease ya! 

Dropping this thesis statement on ya,  plus the funk will smell like ammonia as we get breakbeat scientific. 

We're not late with it like Dianne Feinstein concerning Christine Blasey Ford!! as the the Fall Equinox approaches seasons and reasons led to treasons;  you know the fake aren't specific.

We're making a jack move, rolling up on the scene in the mothership not in a recalled Ford F-150 acting shady / shifty; somebody said the knowledge dropped was ambiguous,  but it's a big world somebody will feel this. 

We're making a jack move, the mileage is good on the mothership as a dude gets scientific with this.

We're making a jack move, but not foul with it; dropping this knowledge but not releasing classified documents like the Justice Department vs Donald Trump..

We're making a jack move, check the style as we drop this good word plus we're rocking it / doing justice with beats that bump..

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (We're Blessed To Be Out Here)

What's the status? I'm still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta; as I pulled up to the spot, I realized it's rough out here!  but, throughout it all I'm still good.

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? it can go either way, I'm still stressed but I'm still blessed!!  of course it's a contradiction,  plus I'm still hood. 

College educated, another contradiction!! throughout it all a brotha is still hated in the land of the free and home of the brave. 

Not late with it like Dianne Feinstein supplying information about  Christine Blasey Ford concerning Brett Kavanaugh so what's up y'all? check the mileage, we're still getting it up in the mothership dipping down I-20 in Atlanta home of the Braves.

Observing the scene, 25th anniversary of the Anita Hill vs Clarence Thomas fiasco;  history repeating, so whatcha know? meanwhile this dude is considered foul with it per these sonic assaults launched by beat slaves in retaliation for the foul situation. 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, blessed to be out here!! over on I-95 in the Carolinas Hurricane Florence was a by product from Africa!! the Sahara Desert brewing up storms that turn into hurricanes when they hit the Atlantic Ocean!! 

Somebody might understand a brotha,  I had a notion that spiritual matters unfold naturally.

Somebody might understand a brotha,  Billy Ocean mentioned the Caribbean Queen, is she mean?  is that how she'll holla at you and me?

Observing the scene; ready to roll on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday but things can go either way..

Check out these I-20 Chronicles, it's a blessing to be out here, to see this day!!

We respond to these and those; we'll let the music play plus this good word is dropped..

We respond to these and those, peace is elusive but we're still out here on I-20  in pursuit of it; we never quit / stopped...

Monday, September 17, 2018

Good Old Days ' Chill Jazz & Hip Hop ' Pt. 4

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; letting the music play is the mission..

The saga / struggle continues from Typhoon Mangkhut in China to Hurricane Florence aftermaths in the Carolinas; check the impressions..

Check the sessions, a smooth tune or two will play for those hurting! after doing the math; you'll find us providing Monday Motivation...

On a different path / page the sonic assault will engage the enemy; we're against those in this spiritual warfare that are hating..

Not debating "who shot John" like Pops said back in the day but we are listening to Good Old Days ' Chill Jazz & Hip Hop ' Pt. 4

It's provided by LTB Music; for chilling it's conducive! check the playlist and the mix! providing this good music? that's what we're "up in here for"

00:00 .EEhOU - Sky's The Limit
02:00 GYVUS - Venice
04:30 The Beattkniter - Don't Hold Back
07:55 .EEhOU - California Blue
11:15 CrazyJaZz - The Good Days
14:45 The Beattkniter - Zeppeliner
17:45 Zmeyev - Spring
20:25 The Beattkniter - Dangling
23:35 The Beattkniter - Up The Boohai
27:45 DJ Quads - Just Roll With It

Funky Grooves - Funk Generation Mix (2018)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we jump right into this / it's going down like this...

This is the Music Monday edition, Monday Motivation might be involved as we deal with that and this!!

Let the music play!! somebody might be able to feel this!! it'll "help them get their mind right"

Let the music play!! plus O-Zone will let you know what the deal is based on his insight..

Shining the light like a weaponized security guard hitting you up with these Funky Grooves - Funk Generation Mix (2018)

DJ Disma drops the sound, you won't feel dismal after you check out the sound!! check out the playlist to see what's playing!!

01 DJ Rodriguez - Four Steps

02 Sweet Charles - Hang Out And Hustle

03 Unknown - Goblin

04 Ian Pooley - Spicy snapper

05 Mr. Electric Triangle - Blow Jam (Red Rum Mix)

06 KYLE, Matthew - Get Cha

07 Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation (Instrumental Original 12")

08 Mandrill - Postive Thing


10 Down to the Bone - Make It Funky