Thursday, August 24, 2017

Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation

It's going down, I'm back on the set after being caught up!! plus I didn't hit the Powerball jackpot. 

It's going down,  deals were shady!!  leaking episodes of Power like 50 Cent or come back with another plot? 

Another plot or scheme?  putting it down for the team like Trump and White Supremacists? 

Parking lot pimping back in the day per Throwback / Thursday? oh yes!!  beats thumped in the Buick Regal or Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme,  some know what the deal is!

Barking up the wrong tree? oh yes!!  O-Dog faced those accusations. 

Tony Stark up in this thing?  looking like Michael the Black Man at Trump rallies in compromising situations? 
Carnival barkers needing to do the knowledge? it's like Mitch McConnell and Paul  Ryan saying Trump needs to do..

The mothership landed / parked us in hostile territory! snitches run and tell it, lying / alternative fact supplying!! see how they do?

Somebody said sooner or later like Larry Graham the climate will change!! please!! I  spotted phantoms in these operas.

Oklahoma Sooner hater like Oklahoma State Cowboys type of environment? oh yes!! so there's more drama for us.

Cartel members are frustrated!!  down here in Georgia shipments are intercepted!! earlier they were heard  saying  nobody could stop us.

A control freak said it's not for us, but soon we're caught up!! during the ongoing process they'll geek us up, giving us enough rope to hang ourselves.


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