Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles: More Terrible / Terrfic Tuesday Rants and Raves

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrfic Tuesday! due to circumstances beyond our control we dipped back to the community.

We dipped down I-20 in Atlanta, evacuated like Houston residents should have down I-10 per Hurricane Harvey?  it's easier said than done,  don't act brand new with me! 

Having loot will be the determining factor,  plus a jacker did the knowledge; rushing linebackers were blocked by the offensive line!! they'll  have to know we have diplomatic immunity. 

Acting cute,  working with alternative facts?  pump your brakes with the fake news!! some say I'm offensive with mine when supplying the defense, rebuking those coming to this community.

Acting cute? some of my constituents were rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the Dodge Charger needing brake shoes!!  I heard the squeaking!!

Acting cute? my dude was rolling down I-65 leaving Louisville coming to Atlanta!!  charge it to the game? some say he was Wikileaking. 

Win or loss streaking?  charge it to the game!! that's what old dude told me over off of I-20 in Conyers. 

We carry a cross like Jesus?  like Chuck Brown, we're busting loose!  so how will they respond to us? 

Up in the Buick Lacrosse, dipping down I-20 in Atlanta during the rush hour!! noticed some of my folk were captured by the enemy, corporations have them nickel and diming / grinding out there on the frontlines.

Rolling from Redding Road in Cincinnati to Candler Road in Decatur Georgia; what's up with ya?  like missile launches by North Korea I spotted some trying to front on mine.

From Jax in Duval County to Hawaii my peeps are trying to dodge Dog The Bounty Hunter types or waiting on the pain and sorrow to leave.

What's up y'all? O-Zone creeps down I-20 in Atlanta on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday dropping this breakbeat science!! maybe it'll  encourage someone else who's out here trying to achieve.

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