Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What Are You Talking About? PT.3

What are you talking about?  inquiring minds wanted to know..

Some kept stalking about, lost; they didn't do the knowledge, I don't think they wanted to know...

We talked to them about it; what? from North Korea sanctions to Trump vs Blumenthal it was the "if it ain't one thing it's another"  theory. 

Statements?  some walked them back!! check the scenario, somebody told me we're through with y'all;  something about a conspiracy theory.

Abatements were denied!! constituents cried!! word from back in the day?  somebody lied according to Pops. 

Statements are made by cats like Anthony Scaramucci, now some act brand new with me as this dude cosmic slops. 

From Coogi to Gucci?  some act brand new with me on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday  like they just took the wrapper off.

Ghetto hoochies to high tech gold diggers? they'll fool ninjas!!  Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan pimp slaps when they go off? 

What are you talking about? they ask me!! per these Tuesday Thoughts I told them I'm doing what behooves me!!  the flim flam / okey doke is ignored,  now they say I'm off my rocker.

What are you talking about? we're doing what we do;  grooves are  played by O-Dizzle the chief rocker.

Dude will rock ya, it's like Nights Over Egypt blasting from the Cadillac Escalade rolling down I-20 in Atlanta.

It can be from the Jones Girls or even the Incognito version!! some are ready to roll out like Kyrie Irving!! attitudes from a hustle knocker are ignored,  they didn't understand a brotha.

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