Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chico Hamilton - El Toro

Sunday Jazz Continues!! your dude is putting it down in a major way..

On Sunday? after the Sunday morning service jazz was heard on these stations back in the day..

In The ATL?  91.9 WCLK stayed true to the game; back in the day?  WLOU 1350  put it down up in Louisville..  

Bill Summers and the Brown Panther had the answer, after peeps went to church to find the answer, so what's the deal?

Drummers wish they had the feel like Chico Hamilton;  his track called El Toro will play in the background...

Gabor Szabo  on guitar and  Charles Lloyd on the flute we're gettng it in!! Chico and the man?  so check out the others players and the track!! they're also getting down!! 

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