Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Are You Talking About PT.8

I heard the question; they asked me,  what was I talking about?

I told them I was reading the TelePrompTer,  as those who were violating stalked about. 

Jokers were violating, straight up and down!!  as I use the old school hip hop cliche.

Appropriate for this Throwback Thursday?  somebody said I was stuck in the 90's,  I need to clear the cache. 

I call it Throwback / Thirsty Thursday because I'm still hungry and thirsty,  which provides fuel for this expedition. 

Trump business councils collapse but blue collar style work will be done by this dude!!  I'm not in the dog eat dog / rat race mentioned by Mr Cole!  I'm not out on I-20 in Atlanta during rush hour racing that fool in the Ford Expedition. 

He's playing it like Lightning McQueen, out there swerving!!  somebody heard him say it's all about a dollar. 

Tow Mater observing the scene, waiting on the crash? others  didn't do the knowledge! Marvin Gaye said it makes you wanna holler. 

Sooner or later per Larry Graham?  some will understand!! holler if you hear me per Tupac.. 

The tune from a hater? damn!! they're still asking this dude what are you talking about!!

I told them to look around, then they wouldn't be asking me they would be on the same page..

I told them to look around, constituents will get abandoned like white supremacists dissed by Steve Bannon; were they on the same page?

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