Monday, August 28, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong! PT.4

Is Monday motivation needed?  we got off to a bad start,  but don't get me wrong!! we've got time to turn this thing around. 

How did others play? like the VMA awards they were acting Hollywood!! don't get me wrong!!  a few years ago they were talking about burning it down! 

Burn Hollywood Burn was the outcry from Public Enemy and others!!   but soon the entity smothers. 

It's heavy!! Heavy Falling Out like the Stylistics?  reflecting on it while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to the Brand New Heavies Sisters and Brothers. 

...Or is it Brothers and Sisters? check the stylistcs,  some might have missed us!!  the profile was low. 

Brothers and sisters played it like fools,  they rushed in like the Frank Sinatra song,  saying our style was slow. 

Now the Brotha O is chilling / cold crushing!! he'll holla atcha like the Cold Crush Brothers while others are stressing. 

Whatcha know about our God and Father? please!!  he's in the business of blessing. 

Houston Strong? oh yes!!  God is soon blessing those down in Texas dealing with the floods caused by Hurricane Harvey..

Soon stressing? oh yes!!  those that find out how complex the sport is are!! we're maintaining, it's not that kind of party!!

Snitches were confessing now some will try to cover their tracks like Trump concerning Russia...

O-Dizzle is confessing to you all; don't get me wrong!! sometimes this dude also feels the pressure...


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