Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT.2

Don't get me wrong!! this good word is dropped but digital crate digging continues, that's what I do!!  jazz,  funk and soul music are on these menus!

...along with hip hop and other elements;  they're weaponized,  because the madness continues.

 It's another reason for this HumpDay Extravaganza,  we're broadcasting live from Atlanta. 

It's another season after the Total Solar Eclipse now we're blasting through the galaxy!! we're intergalactic, but  the Federation questions our rights like Miranda. 

It's another treason,  committed like monuments for the Confederate?  some cram to understand.

It's another treason committed,  like Michael The Black Man supporting Trump? Blacks For Trump?  after Charlottesville some cram to understand..

Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire was heard,  others played some blues by Bobby Blue Bland

Seasoning is provided to the meal that's fire roasted!! out in Arizona Trump bragged / boasted but we still don't understand...

Kyrie Irving got the hell out of Cleveland as Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder traded places with him..

I keep swerving down I-20 in Atlanta; is it wrong of us, is it a crime like Sade asked? but I'm not out here racing them...

Don't get me wrong, it's all love but this dude is just doing his thing..

What are you talking about? that was the question asked earlier!! breakbeat science is what I bring,,,

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