Monday, August 14, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong!!

Don't get me wrong; I'm back from a brief hiatus,  Digital Crate Digging and Sunday Jazz Continues. 

Was I wrong for good word dropping?  ongoing antics show some still hate us!!  deep state rigging has some spazzing! the madness continues!!  

Jazz funk and soul are on these menus!! the sound rebukes the  Charlottesville Virginia type of madness that occurs.

 How did I roll? I'm in the ATL rocking a Charlotte Hornets hat,  polo shirt and baggy jeans!! I'm catching sideways glances and whispered or silent slurs. 

Don't get me wrong!! through the ATL a dude swerves listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes talking about reflections of the way life used to be. 

Coping strategies fail for some,  they take a loss!! white supremacy threatened?  reflections of the way life used to be? 

Wishing / hoping?  back with those and these per a Trump presidency? it's easy to lose me during this season. 

Wishing it was simple per the O-Dog mix? please!! in another fashion  Earth Wind and Fire mentioned Reasons. 

Various treasons occur;  who's down for the cause?  the pursuit of treasures have many distracted.  

Don't get me wrong / check these proceedings!!  we like treasure / pleasure but for freedom? we didn't pause / quit or stop!! bear witness to how we acted! 

Don't get me wrong, as we proceed and continue to bump heads with the system that's delaying our arrival..

What it do? it's rough out here!! somebody mentioned it's like Earth Wind and Fire's System of Survival..

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