Saturday, August 26, 2017

Miguel Migs (Salted Music) @ Cabana Rooftop, Hong Kong (Live Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per what I like to call Saturday Night Fever..

Borrowed the title from John Travolta, The BeeGees and all those cats from back in the day; confirming beliefs of a non- believer...

Third rail voltage? providing relief for ya!! things are shocking like Trump pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio...

Like the Voltage Brothers we're rocking!! blowing throw like Hurricane Harvey!! so whatcha know? 

Bold with this!! to start with me when I go for what I know!! breakbeat science is dropped / kicked..

Listening to the professional Miguel Migs (Salted Music) @ Cabana Rooftop, Hong Kong (Live Mix) 

This mix features tracks from Lisa Shaw, Deeplomatik, Purple Disco Machine, Nathan G, Seb Skalski, Fred Everything, Faze Action, Dr. Packer, Crazy P, Weiss UK, Beny Junior, Ugur Project, Pete Herbert, Stephane Deschezeaux, Spirit Catcher, The Deepshakerz or Uptown Funk Empire

Two hours of disco, soul music, house music and other elements!! the sound is weaponized as we strike back at the empire!


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