Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Are You Talking About? PT.6

They ask me, what am I talking about? I had a free moment or two,  now I write letters to myself like the Chi-Lites. 

They ask me, what am I talking about? I told them the devil is the opponent!! he's mad because I drop theses insights!!

...plus old school stereo component sets are used per the digital crate digging. 

Old school analog renderings are analyzed,  with DNA lifted!!  a sonic biopsy soon led to healing. 

That old fool O-Dog is musing / meandering sending messages in the songs!!  a message in a bottle like Gil Scott Heron? 

An old fool over on Glenwood Road in Decatur sipped from the bottle that was in the brown bag!  others in the metro area self medicate with that meth or heroin!

An old rule mentioned no last minute heroics,  you can't trust to luck per Ms Peters.

...an old school fourth grade teacher,  but like Hebrews 2:4  I believe in  signs, wonders, and miracles!!  word from the old school preacher plus I see what the street does. 

An old fool will support and chastise his constituents like Trump and White Nationalists..

An old fool finds the sport is complex!! the constitution only guarantees so many rights and privileges..

Class / school is in session as we come with the next!! check these Tuesday Thoughts straight from the Institute Of Breakbeat Scientific Studies!!

Classic aggression on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday or any day! answering the question asked; what are you talking about? there are no armchair quarterbacks in these huddles!!

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