Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Another HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

Check out these chronicles based on  I-20 and Candler Road escapades!  I didn't shut it down like they say Joel Osteen did Lakewood! 

What's up with these / those?  G-8 and G-20 played around with the money, plus I've seen some acting fake in the hood. 

Now what's good per this HumpDay Extravaganza?  dude over in Decatur  rocked the Cease and Circle t-shirt,  straight out of South Dekalb Mall. 

So what's good?  old players should cease and desist!! spotted standing out in front of the mall, watching young women walk by! are they ready to break bread y'all? 

...A couple of bills could get paid!!  during the process?  the old girl over by Piccadilly's look / sideways glance / stink eye  said stop the madness!!

...It's like Trump wants to tell North Korea,  per their missile launching madness.

Beats thump and the good word is dropped, now check the scenario;  we're back with this!! 

The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway,  we're back with a vengeance!!

Lord Help!! Hurricane / Tropical Storm Harvey is back with a vengeance as Texas and Louisiana get hit up...

Hitting like Rubin "Hurricane" Carter!! some will get knocked down, but they'll have to get back up!

Thats whatsup!! from I-10 per Gulf Coast Escapades to these I-20 in Atlanta charades HumpDay Motivation is needed!!

You know the saga / struggle continues!!  we're reminded of Hurricane Katrina when observing the scene bruh!!  prayer is needed!!

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