Wednesday, August 09, 2017

What Are You Talking About PT.4

Damn,  here we go again!! we're blessed to bring another HumpDay Extravaganza. 

Jokers ask me, what are you talking about?  I told them I'm flowing down the mainstream of mathematics on a rainy day in Atlanta. 

Jokers ask me, what are you talking about? I told them I'm out here flowing!!  staying in my lane / maintaining a decent speed!!  I'm not out here swerving. 

Flowing!! but some are staying in pain,  they didn't let it go per Frozen!!  but some are ready to go like Kyrie Irving

Whatcha knowing? I'm ready to roll after observing the scene or reading the TelePrompTer

Jazz,  funk,  and soul music are vehicles used!!  we're getting over the hump bruh! 

Oh yes!! check this HumpDay Extravaganza!! I started writing this on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday so I didn't know how it would turn out. 

So amazing like Luther or overtaken by Lucifer?  pursuits will turn you out!!

...After they turn you out?   now doing something detrimental,  wrecking the mental and the physical.

 Meanwhile?  O-Dizzle will wreck an instrumental,  while that dude O-Zone gets pseudo metaphysical. 

Rebuking a pseudo intellectual!! promising fire and brimstone like Trump vs North Korea? in another spectrum?  a wannabe player rocked suede shoes or gators;  representing!!

Others were talking about nuking the spot like North Korea, rolling through the hood in the Dodge Charger rocking  Nike Air Force Ones or Timberlands;  representing?  

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