Thursday, August 31, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT.5

Don't get me wrong! damn, I know I had to fix it after I broke it;  I'm showing responsibility.  

Tried to stay strong,  I kicked it!!  what?  breakbeat science,  but naysayers question the abilities.

Dealing with technical difficulties!! somebody said something about Mercury retrograde  but I know how the game is played!! I still say prayers for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Lord Help is the battle cry,  plus these jokers were like North Korea trying to start with me. 

Lord Help is the battle cry!!  situations were blowing up like chemical plants in Texas due to the storm.

Environmental pollution was already a problem in that region but per sublimals from officials? they said there's no harm. 

No harm no foul? it's like getting hacked while driving to the hoop in a NBA game!

...Probably the same officials who didn't believe in global warming;  they'll say that notion is lame.  

This breakbeat scientific promotion / campaign was considered lame,  but check out how we span the globe brainstorming. 

A fanatic caused a commotion in the game!!  strobe lights blinked like a disco inferno, burn baby burn!!  but it's not a normal thing. 

Don't get me wrong!! it's normal for a cat to do his thing but the masses shouldn't complain,  because they should already know what the deal is...

Don't get me wrong!! this is not paranormal activity, that's not what you'll get from me!! check out what the real is!!


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