Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Going Down On This TGIF / Flashback Friday PT. 3

My people were heard shouting TGIF; but for me it's back to the future according to this Throwback Thursday /  Flashback Friday time slot.

Others were heard shouting WTF (What's That Foolishness) as I get retro futuristic!!  a pseudo mystic,  so I didn't go back to being a crimie with a scheme or plot.

I let it go like Frozen acting brand new rocking these suede Nike Air Maxes while I dip through the matrix..

 I let it go!! now it's going down on this TGIF / Flashback Friday!!  once caught  out there / caught up in it,  but all the constituents do is fake it.

How will I play per this Flashback Friday? I've got that Friday Feeling but reality made me pump brakes like Bendix,  I had enough of it.

How will I play per this Flashback Friday? I still pumped up the jam; like  Roger and Zapp?  so rough and tough with it.

Now Trump is so rough and tough with it!! Locked and Loaded  in response to the North Korean threat!! 

 Meanwhile beats thump as O-Dog rocked, street coded!!  just in time for Flashback Friday!! Happy Birthday Hip Hop!!  check the scenario as history repeats.

It's hard to get over the hump!! a fanatic was the cause of it!!  damn!! the sport has gotten ugly! stop the madness!!  we're on the brink of disaster.

Staring into the eye of the tiger? a brotha didn't blink!!  dropping this good word / these mathematics /  "four five sixing" / ten steps ahead!! moving faster.

Freedom fighter? oh yes!! I'll  blast a few rounds / few sounds while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta per TGIF / Flashback Friday making my getaway!! some say it sounds like Blackwater / Erik Prince and his crew in Afghanistan.

...As I shine the light for ya!! even though some celebrate  TGIF / Flashback Friday there's still  no justice /  no peace for this black man.

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