Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Throwing Down On This Terrible / Terrific Tuesday PT.2

We're throwing down  per the old school catch phrase / cliche!! we're getting down to the business at hand;  this is the aftermath.

It's going down on this Terrible ./ Terrific Tuesday!! we're processing the information downloaded from the Total Solar Eclipse;  it's time to do the math.

Back to work / back to business / it's time to do the knowledge,  even though we were delayed after we spotted the totaled Mitsubishi Eclipse out on I-20 in Atlanta in the rush hour traffic.

Back to work / back to business / it's time to do the knowledge!!  it's no joke like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker working their Rush Hour magic.
On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday  we're out in the mainstream of mathematics; whats the deal with it? some show indifference while some try a little tenderness like Otis Redding.

...Reminding me this day can go either way; out in the stream of consciousness? it's like Trump and Afghanistan  I bear witness to history repeating.

Mineral deposits leading to phat corporate bank deposits? meanwhile over in Decatur  a dude matched sketches /  composites!! bearing witness to an entity defeating itself? a punishment glutton?

What's up with it? own own worst enemy? out on a string, / looking for a string, dial or a button.

What's up with it?  some of my people are hanging on a string like that joint by Loose Ends..

What's up with it?  it's time to do the knowledge after cosmic slopping!! it's time to tie up the loose ends..

What's up with it? I had to admit it's no joke!! reality bruised them and those trying to navigate their way through this galaxy..

The saga / struggle continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, there's always something there to remind us like Confederate monuments!!  we're throwing down, but the battle is monumental when we try to expose the fallacy...

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