Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Deep Rooted Soul - Deep Soulful House Mix (2017)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, it's determined by the perspective...
Houston Texas and surrounding areas dealing with Hurricane Harvey are working with one perspective...
Joel Osteen and Lakewood disrespected? they said they've been busy putting work in!!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has another perspective, pardoned by Trump!! dirty work they're putting in..
Whatcha know? throught it all? beats will thump and this good word  is dropped!! We're listening to Deep Rooted Soul - Deep Soulful House Mix (2017) 
It's courtesy of DJ Disma!! the sounds are uplifting morale / spirits that are dismal!! check out the playlist and the mix!! you'll see what I mean!

1.Marie Tweek - Let Me Love You - Deep Xcape Mix 

2. Deep Xcape feat.Thandi Draai - Don't Say No 

3. Harley and Muscle - How Deep Is Your Love feat.Joi Cardwell - Soul Dynamic Vocal Remix 

4. Distant People feat. Stephanie Cooke - Send Me 

5. Dom Navarra feat. Kat Kyris - If You Knew - Reel Soul Vocal Mix 

6. Sade - Like a Tattoo - Real Soul Remix 

7. Mina Jackson and Born to Funk - Usay -Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart's Soulful Remix 

8. Alankara Jazzy D - Higher Love 

9. Deep City Soul feat. Rainy Payne - Remember Me - Mr. V De Ja Vu Main mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Deep Rooted Soul - Deep Soulful House Mix (2017)

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