Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Wes Montgomery.....A Day In The Life..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Wes Montgomery.....A Day In The Life..: "Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta on a nice night...sun roof open in the hooptie listening to WCLK...the jazz tired of listening t..."

The I-20 Chronicles PT.9....

It's business as usual..Saturday afternoon....a bruh was rolling down I-20 in Atlanta; I got off at the Candler Rd exit!

Little homie asked whats up money? what's up uncle? I told him it ain't nothing; O-Zone is a business handler....but it's like Gaddafi over in Libya..a bruh understands how the drama can get!

Whats up with it?  I was peeping game..I spotted the Buick Regal cutting the corner.

......Sitting on 26's ..spotted other Donks, Boxes and Bubbles..what's up with it? if we were up in Cincinnati they would be out of order!

...what's up with it?  but like the Space Shuttle Endeavour things are already out of order!! but nobody put the sign up!

I can see things are like this and like that and a!!! they even tried to sign this brotha up!

Able to read the signs; knew what was up..didn't trust jokers like David Sokol..word from Warren Buffett... I always peeping game!

Ten steps ahead; surprising some..quiet was kept;.chilling listening to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville<.. they thought I was sleeping in the game.

Reaping benefits in the game; but believe me it ain't nothing nice!

Surrounded by dimwits;  were all cashing reality checks to pay the price!

Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right; I was stuck in the middle. 

But I was on another path plus I did the math; I was able to solve the riddle!

Haters will try to get you!!  I'm dodging bullets like Gaddafi!! moving targets are hard to hit!

Truck drivers rogering on Cb's ;  rocking mullets like Billy Ray Cyrus did!

Fast buck gamblers were in the breeze!! its like this and like that!!who got gaffled?

DEA and Dekalb County roll up on stash houses in Lithonia;  they're on ya!! whose baffled?

Please!! they'll holla atcha; Dekalb County making cash money off of defendants at the court house!

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..the smash and grab home...they're going all out.

Libya's Gaddafi survives air strikes, son killed

...Gaddafi's home hit by NATO air strikes..check the story..

WRAPUP 2-Libya's Gaddafi survives air strikes, son killed | Reuters

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Bad Meets Evil..(Eminem & Royce 5-9) Fast Lane......

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Bad Meets Evil..(Eminem & Royce 5-9) Fast Lane......: "First single off the Bad Meets Evil project from Eminem and Royce coming our June 14th...check it out!!"

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Blending In PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Blending In PT.2: "A bruh was blending in...but fashion police were tripping because a bruh always rocks demin! Levis..Sean John..Phat Farm even Arizona or ..."

Perpetual Motion PT.2.....The Saga / Struggle Continues..

It's the aftermath....after storms devastated the weather forecasters mentioned partly cloudy weather for today and tomorrow!

Whatever said peace everlasters!!! now  they were getting rowdy like Gadhafi and the rebels in Libya;  whats up with ya? howdy!!! but theres no shout outs to me!! Maybe Tomorrow!

......Like the Jackson's song; all up in the action trying to stay strong!! wearing the armor and shield!

Check out the Perpetual Motion; the train of thought is rolling!! were not trying to stop or yield!

Trying to build; some had a notion!!  but it was a hot I clean up like a custodian!

Haters were lying in the field of dreams; they try to beam up like Scotty..some were ashy in need of lotion!

Player players and hustlers on these different teams tried to front on me!! starting a commotion!

Prayers are sent up; blessings come down!! like at the praise and worship or deacons leading the devotion!

Soil erosion; dirty air and water occurred when ecological ignorance altered the fate.

Toil and strife made me put plans in motion like the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour; but during the ongoing promotion I felt the hate!

Trife ones ask me about the debate between Fatah and Hamas; told them I was minding and tending.

Work is put in blue collar style!! as usual O-Zone had this good word and  O-Dizzle is beat blending!

We holla atcha in the danger zone!! sending messages in the songs; some will figure the cipher out!

Right back atcha !! sliding through Portals 1 and 2; ...and other passages; some couldn't figure that a bruh would go all out!

Right back atcha...they had their doubts like the GOP birthers...tripping on how I work this..but here I am.

Right back's Perpetual Motion...these brothas had a notion we're putting it down like this!!  maybe someone will understand!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Wasn't In The Dark

Surfing the web..but the link wouldn't open plus  I wasn't automatically directed.

The think tank made bold plans for the future; God just laughed!!  he was the only one who could perfect it.

Even dude said he had the perfect alibi!! but birth certificates were supplied..Trump the chump said he caused it ..but it was just a damn lie!

The attitude was foul!! nobody could work with it...bogus endeavors were worthless..damn!!  I even seen someone cry!

...They even asked; why does it have to be like that? always struggling! 

It wasn't the dog in them like The Parliament and George Clinton..but some basked in the limelight; please!!  but now caught out in the storm like down south..on Terra Firma there'll always be something.

But Billy Preston said nothing from nothing leaves nothing; plus that's word from the mathematician.

Some were like Michael Jackson; wanna be startin something!! now authorities call the mortician!

All up in the spot all!! up in the action; told to abort my mission..they said it wasn't hitting!

All up in the spot!! it's rough like Libya or Yemen...but we didn't stop and we weren't quitting!

All up in the spot!!  history is repeating but security ignored the false alarms!

All up in the spot!! secrecy about the repellent used was revealed; ecological ignorance  altered the fate..poisons leaked during the storms.

Bell Biv and Devoe tried to tell it; said that girl was poison; but Cameo said she was strange and they liked it!

Ralph Tresvant said Sensitivity was needed; but Ike and Tina Turner showed you how the fight would get!

Wasn't relevant?  scientist mentioned time and relativity; can't lose like Rev Ike!! but the slow learner waited in the dark!

.....About to black out; but I studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space; I'm not in the dark.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phoebe Snow ...Poetry Man Video.....

R.I.P Phoebe Snow...she had a smooth style back in the day....blues/jazz/light rock....known for this song...check it out...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Player Players Are On The Move...

Chilling down here in the ATL; this just in lockout in the I can see player players are on the move!

Dealing with the madness in the spot where reason gave way to madness; players rolling out in Lincoln Navigators and Caddie Escalades paying too much for gas....meanwhile I say prayers, then I show and prove! 

Whatcha know? they ask...they see me move mysteriously; blame it on this dark world we live in.

Whatcha know?  they ask a bro... but I thought they already knew!! soon spotted waiting in the dark; somewhat  like Pike Nursery; playing in the dirt again!

Everything is not working!! bear witness to the malfunction like the PlayStation Network..meanwhile some are just trying to get work..but the sight is gruesome!

Big homie stated the family was dysfunctional;  social deviates residing in a cesspool; acting like a brand new one!

But I knew one thing or another son; I'm rolling  like the Mighty Thor...I stay one step ahead of the thought and fashion police!

The brotha had labels clashing Tommy Hilfiger shirt..Phat Farm jeans;..Fila shoes; somebody told me Negro please!

Another said they loved laying in the cut acting dumb or crazy; they said ignorance was bliss.

But ecological ignorance will alter the fate; where you at? I wasn't the kind that someone will miss!

....Plus I told some to miss me with the ignorance on purpose!

The train of thought is rolling!! I'm showing a sense of purpose!

The Sonic Assault is how I work this!! it's like the Big 4...Metallica..Slayer..Anthrax and I show and prove.

Sliding through Portal 2 or maybe 1....trying not to come undone!! but haters say I'm a target I stay on the move!

Good and evil colliding  like its the revolt in Syria....what's up with ya? what were some trying to prove? check the energy created.

So what's up? what's the deal? for freedom we're still riding!! knowing at the end of the day were still hated!

No irrelevant issues are debated..that's just a distraction..just like Deniro vs Trump..

Knowing these folk aren't benevolent...but we fight back with this good word and beats that thump..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miami Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall released from hospital after stabbing

Miami Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall released from hospital after stabbing - Miami Dolphins -

Busting A Move « omanxl1 live

word from part of the conglomerate..

Busting A Move « omanxl1 live

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Blending In....

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Blending In....: "A brotha blended into the woodwork; like green camouflage worn by hunters in the forest! Beats are blended by O-Dizzle while O-Zone was a..."

Antoine Dobson Was Arrested

'Bed Intruder' viral-video star arrested - Technology & science - Tech and gadgets -

What's The Deal? Part 3....The Question Is Still Being Asked... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

What's The Deal? Part 3....The Question Is Still Being Asked... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Judge: Bishop Eddie Long Case Close to Resolution

.....somebody's about to get paid they can put this issue to rest and move forward......all parties will probably neither confirm nor deny...that's how business gets done!!

Judge: Bishop Eddie Long Case Close to Resolution

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Recap...The Last Call

Friday a few hours at the hole in the wall club? last call for alcohol!! in the club? lights flicker!! is it closing time?

Whats up y'all? whats up with the friendly fire like a drone in Afghanistan..whose opposing mine?

Whats supposed to be mine is mine according to God's will!

Staying composed with mine!!  EPMD said you gots to chill! 

Funk and breakbeats playing!! composed my own soundtrack to the ongoing madness!

Getting crunk in the ATL or staying composed up in Louisville?  all up in the spot!! reason gave way to madness!

Back with this!! no I-Phone to keep track of this..please!! God is not through with me yet!!  a work in progress; the Strain is like the Andromeda.

Back with this!! soon the by product is like what LL Cool J said; something like a phenomenon! 

Theres more drama for ya!! tripping like Donald know haters wanna see whatcha working with!

Attacks are blatant like on rebels in Libya or subliminal; check the diversionary tactic!

Not working with those acting erratic!!  I can see the database hasn't been updated!

...Some are on I-285 in Atlanta holding up traffic; please!!! my kinfolk have been hated!

Transmitting live!! machine updated automatically; but there appears to be a malfunction!

Observing the scene!!!  Crossroads like Bones Thug and Harmony; now minus one ...Krayzie Bone...are some at the junction?

Observing the scene;whose chilling at the function down here in Atlanta? wannabe macks and divas were re-manufactured; acting brand new!

Charlie Sheen winning or losing in Atlanta? .. peeped game..spotted another..after being captured in Babylon..where did the space shuttle land you?

What's heard or seen? whose in the huddle with armchair quarterbacks?

It was the last call..but not the final one...where did I find one? chilling..eating Scooby snacks.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pundits and Analysts Had Their Opinion...

Pundits and analysts had their opinion; but there were three sides to the stories!

Two opposing sides to the story; like Gaddafi vs The Rebels..the truth lies in the middle; who knows the riddle to how to handle business in these territories?

O-Dizzle aka O-Deezy couldn't be like Commodores..easy like Sunday morning...until priorities were being met.!!

The reign started with a drizzle;  now violent storms hit the Midwest and the South...but dropping these epiphanies is O-Zones mission; he wont stop and he wont quit!

All up in the spot; violent torpedoes of truth to hit Atlanta...word from Charlie Sheen...understand a bruh? in the spot where reason gave way to madness....homies  were holding down the block; but they didn't own it!

Even if they were making mortgage payments its bank owned!! if they missed payments agents would be up on it!

Please!!! you know they wont condone it!! houses get foreclosed on and cars get repossessed! 

Please!!! some act like they're on it...over in Libya a drone will hit...some folk are geeked up or possessed!

Please!! some in the posse confessed like it was First 48 or  even Wikileaks

Composite sketches are drawn, its no longer on!!!  it'll be the end of winning streaks.

I was in another mode;  a bruh streaks across the universe at a high velocity!

...Had the speed you need..street code wasn't violated...a bruh is Gods property! 

No Ode to Billy Joe needed!! business is handled properly!

Whatcha know? some with diplomatic immunity are on the property!

All up in the spot!! on the property..on the premises; so whats the prognosis?

Pundits and analyst like Hannity say its a hot mess!! then they make empty promises..for some that'll be lethal doses!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: These BreakBeat Scientists ArePutting It Down Like This

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: These BreakBeat Scientists ArePutting It Down Like This

Ready To Get It In...Let's Go!!! Putting It Down Like This.....

Ready to get it in...a bruh drunk the elixir!! but wasn't drunk like Nicolas Cage...but you know a brotha has to wet his whistle!

Whose getting crunk in the ATL?  but not on the same page...rolling like Clint Eastwood...dollars by the fistful!

....on MARTA old girl from the old school at an old age had the rusty pistol; she said she wish somebody would!

She was ready to get it in!! feeling the rage!! you know drama will unfurl; it goes down like Libya; whats up with ya?  heard you could, would or should!

....Heard that matters could be trivial; pursuit was not advised!

Whats the word on the curb? somebody gets gaffled!! due to the Willie Bobo..the buster or herb was not supervised!

Now what occurred? po po looks for Holly Bobo...don't act surprised or baffled by the outcome!

Lines were blurred during the smoke and mirrors show; O-Deezy had to pull out the drum.

Going all out..said he wasn't the one!!!  some are caught out in the storm from last night and beyond..he wondered why others tried to front!

Going all out....ready to get it in....just an ordinary guy playing a man's basic role; just trying to gather and hunt.

But those playing a Hollywood or Bollywood role would rather front or fake; others catch the repercussions.

O-Zone fought back with the good word; O-Dog had the percussions!

A bruh heard the discussions...I wasn't with all this and that!! I'm rolling like the rasta Luciano; said he was a messenger teaching the youth about roots and culture.

Others want to chill;  eat pasta and operate like Gambinos; all up in the spot I've seen these or those.. reason gave way to madness; Babylon will corrupt ya!

So what's up with ya? they asked the Brotha O-Zone....told them I'm going in...ready to get it in....let's go!!

.......As we proceed and continue....putting it down like this life you have to go for what you know!!

Avoiding Negative Vibe Senders....Putting It Down Like This.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Avoiding Negative Vibe Senders....Putting It Down Like This.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama Assesses GOP Budget: `Wrong For America'

Obama Assesses GOP Budget: `Wrong For America' | News One

Miami Heat Beat 76ers; withstand late rally,

......the Heat started slow but they finally got it together

Miami Heat withstands late 76ers rally, wins Game 1 - Miami Heat -

Chilling In Secret Gardens....This Is The Harvest

Listening to Barry White; him and El Debarge, Al B Sure and them!!  mentioned something about Secret Gardens.

Heat was like Miami..Lebron and D Wade....blistering skin, no protection; whose large and in charge like Qaddafi? its no secret...they weren't giving pardons!

Listerine or Scope to kill the bad taste? something ain't right!! word from Keith Sweat!

Charlie Sheen type winning or losing? others were choosing to forfeit!

Others were choosing to forget!! some try to front like Paul Ryan... or maybe they're a joke candidate like Trump?  heard the cliche...they said it is what it is!

Brothas like me pulled out the Weed Eater lawn equipment to cut the tall fescue grass.

As we rescue y'alls ass from snakes in the grass; let the church say amen!

Then say amen again!!! then turn to your neighbor and say were not playing!

Plus were not playing with God like wannabe Bishops and Archbishops; plus preachers, ministers or the prophet or prophetess.

Whats the deal? acting odd on Facebook; spammy?  damning me if I did or didn't make a profit with this?

Whats the deal? this futuristic mystic might just sound like a prophet with this when breakbeat science is dropped!

Act like you knew this!! breakbeat scientist are still doing business; we never stopped!

Plus we never copped a plea with authorities; not a whistle blower!

Plus we never Wikileaked; but the funk stinked; odors wreaked!! did somebody need to take a shower?

Playing in the dirt again; at the last hour; were secret gardens found?

Losing their shirt again in the crap doesn't matter if its Las Vegas, Atlantic City or even in the projects.....check these different's no secret; pardons are not found!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prodigy Explains Reuniting With Nas and Future Collabos

Prodigy Explains Reuniting With Nas and Future Collabos - The Boombox

What's That Smell? I'm Just Saying!!

The smell is funky like salmon croquettes that taste good;  but I'm just saying!

Fell funky sounds are the by product; that's what O-Dizzle is playing!

I'm just saying!!! trying to solve the riddle like deficits and spending bills like Obama; danger zones? were in the middle!!! chaos and confusion is the order of the day!

Oh yeah that's business as usual!!  O-Zone wouldn't lie to you..that's not how I play!

On the regular? that's how I pray....Lord Help Lord Help is the battle cry!

Whose secular? staying a step ahead of those in Hells Kitchen; not down with Chef Ramsey..haters want to see that ass fry!

All up in your section; what did they tell ya? enhanced the imperfection; but that's a damn lie!! R.I.P Lashanda Armstrong... whose coping strategies didn't work?

In Babylon? punishment gluttons enjoyed the pain...they said it didn't hurt!

FAA chief resigns...astonishment expressed after buttons weren't pushed by sleeping controllers; they weren't high what's up with it? please!!! we can't be at alarms go off!

But dude said he was running it!! but now what's up with it? he's was spotted  rolling through in Ford F-150s that are recalled;   smoking altered Cigarillos; said theres no harm in setting it off!

Setting it off like Latifah and them!! in Dekalb County Georgia good fellas and sistas were shady and shifty; busted with $250,000  and 20 kilos; no warm hearts when letting it off;  if they have to!

Dealing with alt shift deleters!! please...theres no relief for us!! no justice no peace; who will unravel you?

What will the revolution do? food not involved like Jamie Oliver!

What will the evolution do...who surrenders like Jamie Hood?  knowledge dropped when we holla atcha!

Whats the solution? haters throw a dollar atcha!! but like Charlie Sheen; its more money and more problems!

Mike Vick had advice for him and Chris Brown...the institution is tripping..they'll try to rock ya!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lakers' Kobe Bryant is fined $100,000 by NBA for anti-gay slur to referee

Lakers' Kobe Bryant is fined $100,000 by NBA for anti-gay slur to referee -

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Barry Bonds Verdict Reached..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Barry Bonds Verdict Reached..: "...guilty of obstruction of justice...but a mistrial on other charges concerning streoid use and perjury during hearing held to determine t..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Back At The Scene Of The Crime...Once Again Its On...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Back At The Scene Of The Crime...Once Again Its On...: "Back at the scene of the crime; I circled back around in The Cut Dog on 26's to see what CSI /Miami was up to! Cincinnati will try to impo..."

Jumping To Conclusions..The Concept Is Revisited....

So what's really going on? jumping to the conclusion like were rocking some Jumpman kicks.

Humping like the middle of the week!! actually it is as I type this!!  blue collar style!! going the extra mile...knowledge a bruh kicks.

Plus a bruh sticks to the original plan..what's up man? already know how the hype is..Public Enemy said don't believe it!! I'm an original man..the style is from Louisville / Newburg!

....But all over the place from Pluto to Mars to the ATL!!! and in Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

.....To Johannesburg; from the halls of Montezuma to chilling with Qaddafi at the shores of Tripoli.

Didn't merge with evil forces like the Mubarak family;  plus one step ahead of the thought police on Facebook...they were trying to trip on me!

....Had to dip; its on me....rolling down Candler Road in Decatur up in the hooptie; so cold so cold!

Had to flip; haters try to throw up the peace sign or pledge allegiance...damn!!! I didn't hold my breath waiting on the truth to be told!

Proof that were bold is provided during this front line spiritual warfare business.

Arrogant and aloof accusations met when good and evil collided; friendly fire like drones in Afghanistan; whats up man? where you at? theres no ecological ignorance!

Knowing where I'm at; Jennifer Hudson asking what the deal is? please!! I'm down here in the A-Town.

O-Deezy specializes in the boom bip bap when he plays the sound!

O-Zone tried to be easy; but I don't have time to play around with these jokers.

In these danger zones time is precious!! I'm trying to slide through these sports going for broke; please!!! that's us!

Listening to Obama..realizing theres no peace or justice for a bruh; we recognized the pattern. 

We kept moving ; The Train of Thought Is Rolling!!! intergalactic style!! spaced out like Saturn.

............from the archives..check out this Jump To The Same Conclusion Mix From Brotha O!!


Humpday / Middle of The Week Special Edition - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

...word from part of the conglomerate

Humpday / Middle of The Week Special Edition - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We Weren't Quitting and We Weren't Stopping!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We Weren't Quitting and We Weren't Stopping!!: "I was peeping game; rolling down Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia..a bruh spotted the cartel members! From up in NYC...rolling in limos up on ..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rick Ross & Drake.......Made Men The Video

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rick Ross & Drake.......Made Men The Video: "........check this out....."

Going For What You Know....Putting It Down Like This!!

Damn here we go again!!! going for what we're knowing...we're at the point of no return we've come to far to turn back now!

Ain't no stopping us now...word from McFadden and Whitehead; revolutionary like the dread..what's the word from J Anthony Brown? Watch Out Deh Now! 

Whose on some Here and Now type flavor like its some kind of wedding?

Nothing was fair in love or war as history keeps repeating!

Plus I heard his or her story about defeating the purpose with self inflicted wounds.

Now Raiders of The Lost Ark encroach on sacred grounds raiding temples and tombs.

Lara Croft and Tomb Raider style!! Oakland Raider hat and jersey on!! getting their swerve on in the Dodge Charger.

Arts and crafts; arts and entertainment...First 48ing; dude was on a come up trying to live larger!

Whose on the offensive Air Coryell San Diego Charger style!! pressing the button or dial trying to Blast like Marcus Miller?

Diego was in Gwinnett County Georgia receiving packages from Mexico; flipping them.....what's up with him? recognize the pattern...homie is a true player like Holyfield..a real dealer!

Wheres Carmen San Diego? I spotted her when I studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...I was floating through the universe!

Whatcha starting? reality will finish it one way or another...knowledge dropped in the verse!

O-Dizzle had the flavor burst sounds; bump from the ATL on out to Pluto! even though it was retrograde..

So whats really going on? old dude told O-Zone in this life you have to go for whatcha know! that's how the game is played!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fat Joe.....Massacre On Madison {Video} video from Fat Joe....Massacre On Madison.....also check out Lupe Fiasco

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: THE BROTHA OMANXL1 ; The Mars Venus Express

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: THE BROTHA OMANXL1 ; The Mars Venus Express: ".....check out the Mar Venus Express As O-Dizzle Gets Intergalactic With It... ..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is What They Meant By Funk Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is What They Meant By Funk Mix: "This Is What They Meant By Funk Mix by omanxl1 we proceed and continue...putting it down like this!! "

So What's Up? Dude Told Me It's All Game....

So whats up? I saw some of the angels  and archangels got kicked out of heaven! 

They were too corrupt!! so what's up? I spotted some of my folk at the crap game over in Decatur Georgia rolling seven.

How you rolling? chilling over in Libya doing war crimes?...benevolent ones are hard to you better keep your guard up!

Its evident!! we're climbing up the rough side of the mountain...bodies, minds, and spirits are scarred up!

Interlopers were feathered then tarred up!! then stoned and cursed in the village square!

Can we cope with this? some thought things were funny...comedians rehearsed; roles are reversed..Gbagbo is  arrested on the Ivory Coast.. who will brag or boast? fronting like Donald know a village idiot will take it there!

It takes a village to raise the child; but they take cover like in Syria where the rockets red glare!

....And bombs burst in the love or war? nothing was fair!

As we go there!!  from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.

Gaddafi didn't want to leave!!! act like you knew a bruh...the situation is hot like chipotle.

But it didn't stop me!! I'm outside soaking up Aries sun rays...getting a breath of fresh air!

Going all out as I ride for freedom like Staples Singers; I'll take you there! 

Hanging championship banners like at the Staples Center!! its all game.

Handling business like Los Angeles Lakers even though now they're losing;  others were faking..but O-Dizzle is still the same.

Down to earth for what its worth!! in the ATL at Philips Arena at the Hawks game ; but it seems like a Chicago Bulls home game!

It'll be that way tonight when the Hawks play the Miami Heat!! plus dude asked me have you seen her like the Chi-Lites..its all game.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Howard Stern and The Funkmaster Flex vs Breakfast Club Beef...

Howard Stern puts his two cents in on the Funkmaster Flex vs Breakfast Club beef..

Sade & Jay-Z "The Moon & The Sky" (Remix) [NEW MUSIC]

Sade & Jay-Z "The Moon & The Sky" (Remix) [NEW MUSIC] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: BreakBeat Scientists Continue To Do Business...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: BreakBeat Scientists Continue To Do Business...: "I asked them whats good? they said its all game like threatening government shutdowns....they were keeping it hood! Basking in the Aries s..."

Wasn't A Fashionista...

Wasn't a fashionista; considered not the norm; kicked off Facebook...under surveillance by the thought and fashion police!

The uniform? Greg Norman the Shark golf short; non-descript jeans; Fubu kicks...wondering when will the madness cease?

Listening to Jeru the Damaga; Come Clean!!  when the East Is In The House was mentioned!! but there was no peace in the Middle East.

More damage for ya to clean up!!  like rubble in Japan ; plus your man had the mark of the beast.

Tatted up!! who ratted up in this piece? this is a world trouble like Lou Rawls said; damn its like Wikileaks!! whistle blowers are popular these days!

This brotha rocks the baldy with the stubble; a brotha from Louisville who balls like The Cardinals...whats up with those armchair quarterbacks they cant run these plays?

Whats up with me?....peeping game like the Hubble Telescope does into black souls were under pressure in this hostile territory...

Studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space...hostile takeovers were rebuked; a bruh uses a hot style to tell the story!

Who fell from glory? they said there game was good..but at the end of the day it was sluggish!

Word from Jamie Hood....whats good? Bone Thugs and Harmony style..thuggish ruggish.

Games were played in the hood..but some didn't eat enough roughage; so they were stopped up!

....In need of a bowel movement...foul with the movement; but tried to tell me whats up!

We knew they were corrupt!! but it takes all kinds to make the world!

From the streets of ATL to Louisville to the Middle East where the drama will unfurl!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Monday, April 04, 2011

A Nice Day In Atlanta...

Nice day in Atlanta..soaking up the Aries sun rays..what's the deal? check how this son of God plays...everybody loves the sunshine  like Roy Ayers mentioned!

Somebodys moves weren't right!!! Gaddafi's son taking over?  game over sign flashs;  my mind interpreted insights; its multidimensional!

Act like you know a bruh!!! dipping through!! rolling down I-85; WCLK was playing Masterpiece by Grover Washington.

My mind playing tricks on me like Geto Boys? I'm behind a Honda Passport with a God Bless America bumper sticker on it; but theres no peace!! politicians just try to get over in Washington!

What's up with this breakbeat science that the Brotha O aka O-Deezy kicks?  just trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield?  still playing the field no ghetto passes revoked!! whats up with them and those?

Why ask why? go with the flow..a player refused to yield; ghetto superstar? to the occasion a bruh rose!

Knowing at the same time the devil will oppose; so I govern myself accordingly!

That's word from the old school baptist preacher!! somebody was trying to reach ya; but didn't know where the boundary or border would be!

I peeped game in the hood; not on TV turning myself in like Jamie Hood; what's good? I recognized the pattern;  orderly fashions were not the style!

Whose asleep in the game? now fashion  and thought police creep up...the situation is foul!

Punishment gluttons press dials or buttons on the remote; but didn't change the channel!

Astonishment hits them!! affected by decisions from a tribunal; even trilateral commissions or blue ribbon panel.

Errors of commission and omission were due to the mind and not the heart; per the old school baptist preacher.

.......Said it was business not personal;  but reality will teach you.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine Roy Ayers

.......nice day in Atlanta!! riding down I-85......this song came to mind..

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Birmingham Police Beat Suspect

.......Birmingham police put the beatdown on a suspect...


......word from part of the conglomerate..


What's The Deal? Still Asking That Question.... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

...word from part of the conglomerate...

What's The Deal? Still Asking That Question.... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: They Were Going Through It

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: They Were Going Through It: "They were going through the rebels in I let them proceed and continue! Spiritual warfare is going down...meanwhile we..."

All Up In The Spot...Putting It Down Like This PT.2

What does it look like to you? to me it's like the Japan Nuclear Crisis... the situation is off the hook..its off the chain!

Whatcha facing? a crooked official will administer corporal punishment; gluttons will get off on the pain.

Whatcha saying? like concert goers ask Charlie Sheen...ranting and raving...whats did they gain? meanwhile I'm chilling listening to Bob James Caribbean Nights.

Realized it was sampled by what's up man? I was just releasing the pain on a cruise ship; full moon shines as I enjoy the Caribbean nights.

Now I'm back on the mainland in Atlanta; walking through K-Mart...Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen plays in the background. more love on the run...but I didn't come undone..plotting and scheming on Mystic Voyages; soon it'll be hard to track a brotha down!

As we get down..putting it down like this...were rolling!! but not trying to be a star like George Benson on Broadway!

As we get down...putting it down like we do this..we're more like Pras,Mya and ODB; a ghetto superstar...up in Louisville in the Sedan Deville cruising down Broadway!

Its not odd that we play it that way!! like Jerome from Martin were we true players for real?

Please!!  its easy to get played by the system...word from these truth sayers....that's for real!!

So whats the deal? no justice no peace was the cliche that came to mind.

Hired guns were like Robin Roberts at GMA vs Chris Brown ; characters get assassinated haters will try to play with your mind!

On the Ivory Coast French Troops pull out the guns...theres no one of a kind love affair like the Spinners and Phillipe Wynne.

As we put it down like this...delivering the scoops...dealing with mind blowing decisions leading to head on collisions!! word from haters misbehave ...please !!they don't want to see you win!

But we're putting it down like UConn in the hoops...we've got a winning tradition...

Diplomatic immunity is exercised.....the Lord is on our side..that's who we had to petition...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Putting It Down Like This Mix

Putting It Down Like This Mix

We're All Up In The Spot...About To Put It Down Like This!!!

We were back at the scene of the crime; is it like being at a Japan nuclear site?  why do we keep going back?

But we're about to put it down like this...what was seen; heard?  those memories turn into epiphanies; been here for a minute..the style is going back!

But also a futuristic mystic; studied the dark mystery of time and the clearance rack is set up like Macy's!

O-Dizzle is going ballistic!! all up in the spot where reason gave way to there'll be no interference when I drop these epiphanies!

Priorities shift all up in the spot; things are jacked up in so many ways!

Who has the gift? shadetree mechanics can only fix so many things...armchair quarterbacks can only call so many plays!

Its only so many days since the super full moon when I wrote this; so the energy is still in effect!

Its only so many days since the civil rights movement was in full effect!

In so many ways society disrespects; jokers were even burning Korans!! things are blatant and subliminal.

In so many ways I was told to vacate the premises!! they played your homie like he was a criminal!

But I had more than minimum coverage; your homie rolls with diplomatic immunity.

Mystic Voyages were taken; out there ..a bruh was keeping it real. what did you expect from a bruh from Louisville? I wasn't faking.. then I dipped back to the community.

What's up with me? it was no imaginary voyage..rolling through listening to Jon Luc Ponty as the Mothership dipped through the universe.

Now back down to earth; didn't party like its 1999....we're in the 2000's!!  the case of the scenario was the worst!

But hitting you up with the flavor burst; reversing the curse; it's cool though..not like Japan with radioactive water leaking into the sea...told some I see you,  wouldn't want to be you.

Dipping through!! all up in the spot!!  told some its all love but I wasn't sweating agendas; we're about to put it down like this!! told them I'll see you when I see you!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Kool Moe Dee........I Go To Work..

...surfing the net...ran across this back in the day stuff..Kool Moe Dee...I Go To Work....he's also working on something new...check out the story here ......

Jalen Rose Kicked Off The Air By ESPN

Jalen Rose Kicked Off The Air By ESPN | News One

We're All Up In The Spot....The Sonic Assault Edition..

All up in the spot!!! its gruesome; I'm surrounded by witches and warlocks!

All up in the spot!!! with the hustlers and players trying to get paid like Dick Cheney..aka Daddy Warbucks!

Gamblers were out for fast bucks; betting on job growth?  the masses will get played trying to wrestle with the gorilla.

A revolutionary tucks the weapon into his baggy jeans; not skinny the mist was a guerrilla!

Evolutionary processes that followed brink of disasters were in the midst; messy like Japan's nuclear program ; and its not Muhammed Ali vs Joe Frazier... Thrilla In Manilla. 

What will the solution be...chocolate or vanilla extract? soon the cake is made.

The ongoing confusion caused one to deal with the abstract; soon the fake get played!

Not able to figure out the charade? J-Dilla played in the background as these abstract thoughts are constructed.

Pulling the trigger during the ongoing shootout; it's like the drama on the Ivory Coast; firing back thoughts selected at random to rebuke those corrupted!

All up in the spot!! whats up with it? please!! you know a bruh can't get any rest!

All up in the spot!!  drama goes down like in Libya...whats the deal with ya? no justice no peace. .that cliche is the best.

Oh yeah!!  the best way to describe the vibe? similar to no peace in the Middle East.

During the pursuit of happiness? my tribe will settle for the least.

...amount..white horses we mount; wearing the armor and shield;  lets get it on! its time to get down!

..Like the Soul Train Theme...what does it all mean? Mechanical engineering industrial strength! you get this good word and the sound!

As we get down...this stream of consciousness floater is all up in the spot..

As we get we come with this..somebody said it's a mess that's hot..

Just call me the hot messenger..what's up with ya? we've got messages in the songs for ya...figure the cipher out...

Recognize the pattern...we're all up in the spot..going all out....