Friday, April 01, 2011

We're All Up In The Spot....The Sonic Assault Edition..

All up in the spot!!! its gruesome; I'm surrounded by witches and warlocks!

All up in the spot!!! with the hustlers and players trying to get paid like Dick Cheney..aka Daddy Warbucks!

Gamblers were out for fast bucks; betting on job growth?  the masses will get played trying to wrestle with the gorilla.

A revolutionary tucks the weapon into his baggy jeans; not skinny the mist was a guerrilla!

Evolutionary processes that followed brink of disasters were in the midst; messy like Japan's nuclear program ; and its not Muhammed Ali vs Joe Frazier... Thrilla In Manilla. 

What will the solution be...chocolate or vanilla extract? soon the cake is made.

The ongoing confusion caused one to deal with the abstract; soon the fake get played!

Not able to figure out the charade? J-Dilla played in the background as these abstract thoughts are constructed.

Pulling the trigger during the ongoing shootout; it's like the drama on the Ivory Coast; firing back thoughts selected at random to rebuke those corrupted!

All up in the spot!! whats up with it? please!! you know a bruh can't get any rest!

All up in the spot!!  drama goes down like in Libya...whats the deal with ya? no justice no peace. .that cliche is the best.

Oh yeah!!  the best way to describe the vibe? similar to no peace in the Middle East.

During the pursuit of happiness? my tribe will settle for the least.

...amount..white horses we mount; wearing the armor and shield;  lets get it on! its time to get down!

..Like the Soul Train Theme...what does it all mean? Mechanical engineering industrial strength! you get this good word and the sound!

As we get down...this stream of consciousness floater is all up in the spot..

As we get we come with this..somebody said it's a mess that's hot..

Just call me the hot messenger..what's up with ya? we've got messages in the songs for ya...figure the cipher out...

Recognize the pattern...we're all up in the spot..going all out....

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