Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ for Arrest of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange | Threat Level | Wired.com

Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ for Arrest of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange | Threat Level | Wired.com

The Saga / Struggle Continues...Damn!! It Doesn't Stop!!

What's the deal? I'm down here in the ATL..the weather's cold..what it do? jokers still had on flip flops!!

What's the deal? we proceed and continue..refusing to fail..O-Dog rocks out..drops funk..plus he hip hops!

It's way too real!! the saga / struggle continues...the drama never stops!! homies had the revolutionary talk!! next thing I know they were ran out of town.

..Or now they try to work together like Obama and Republicans..As we proceed..the process is evolutionary..or is it intelligent design? can we get down?

Others were like Julian Assange with the WikiLeaks..said they were putting it down!! said they were handling business.

But the way it goes? it appears their fates are altered by ecological ignorance.

The business ended up handling them!! that's how it goes in Babylon! or even North Korea..with the belligerence..

Now the vessel was like the Titanic..sinking..stranding them out there in the danger zone! now tell me what the deal is!!

Once again it's on!! as history repeats itself!! it's the same old story.

But some entities will defeat themselves..in pursuit of the fame and glory!

It's all game in this territory..aka the land of milk and honey..recognize the pattern.

It goes down from Atlanta to Tehran.. to out beyond the milky way!! out by Jupiter..Pluto, Mars or Saturn!

Who fronted? now reality is bruising and battering egos.

Who fronted? authorities had some under surveilance..they were able to recognize steelos.

Whose broken down to size?..fly, house or field negroes? some lost jobs, the house and cars during the recession.

Broken beats and english were the prize..it's reality checks were cashing!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tameka Foster Goes In On Kandi For Admitting To Crushing On Usher!

Tameka Foster Goes In On Kandi For Admitting To Crushing On Usher!

The Aftermath...

Chilling..it's the aftermath...recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

Dealing with the madness..similar to North Korea's..after I bring this math plus the funk that will stank..how were some living? outlooks were bleak...I hear New Edition..is this the end?

The winning or losing streak determined by the O-Dog blend and O-Zone's scriptures.

Guards are up due to WikiLeaks...meanwhile the lab reaks of a foul odor..based on the potent mixture.

Looking at the big picture..universal..but can handle business on the local level.

..From Pluto to Mars...out beyond the Andromeda Galaxy..who'll work with a bro?..from from Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg..from London to the ATL..dealing with a local devil!

Whatcha know? I was using more than a shovel when digging in the crates!

Whatcha know? saw some fall through the ice..what were they using? digging through with sharp skates.

Ice was affected by global warming
..meanwhile I'm dipping through!! letting some know what it do.

..."it ain't nothing nice" ..I span the globe brainstorming..acting like l knew!

Your through..a naysayer was telling me!! but I proceed and continue!

..Said a prayer..God is in the blessing business!! even though the saga/struggle continues.

Chef's in Hell's Kitchen have menus and meals that lack nutritional value!!

These chefs were cooking up something fresh..a brand new batch..driving to the hoop like Lebron..didn't holla at the coach..but you know somebody will foul you!

What did the breakbeat science do? hopefully enlightened someone.

Plus the Sonic Assault let haters know I'm not the one!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feds Sieze and Shut Down Popular Hip-Hop Music Blogs | The Urban Daily

......the feds hit up one of my sites where I get my music from!!

Feds Sieze and Shut Down Popular Hip-Hop Music Blogs | The Urban Daily

Five Ways The Miami Heat Can Salvage Their Season | The Urban Daily

..the writer makes some good points..

Five Ways The Miami Heat Can Salvage Their Season | The Urban Daily

..they also had team meeting...we'll see how that works..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Still Had A Different Vision..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Still Had A Different Vision..: "Had a different vision....that's how I'm living...so opposition will be met. My energy was flowing in another way!! but there are no WikiLe..."

The Part Of A Bigger Plan Mix

the holiday weekend mixes continue...it's all part of a bigger plan...

The Part Of A Bigger Plan Mix

Playing My Position...As Usual...

Playing my position....point guard like Rajon Rondo..not trying to post up like Shaq.

Or Dwight Howard ..a bruh will fight!! not a coward.. that's a matter of fact!

....As I holla back!! the universe gets Sonic Assaulted...plus Random Thoughts are expressed..my folk are stressed..whose subject to the authority? the system anointed those and them!

Told my people the devil was opposing them..what's up with them? offers were made that you couldn't refuse!! some said if you can't beat them join them!

Four walls closing in on them like over in Korea..no condolences offered to those that became collateral damage.

Whose winning..losing? it's going down from Brazil to up in Detroit..circumstances claimed plenty of victims caught up in the scrimmage!

Whose winning..losing? I'm taking chances..I manage to survive..these manuevers become official.

Advances made..this in not Wikileaks...but a bruh exposes the charade when I get with ya!

Advances made!! getting what I asked for!! but it can be a blessing or a curse!

Did I like it? ooh ooh I Like It like Debarge ...hell yes!! left the case of the scenario that was the worst!

Check the brand new flavor burst!! word from Craig Mack..it'll be in your ear!

The brand new man behavior shows hunger and thirst!! as I take back my aura.

What happened? it was stolen during the onslaught of horror and terror in Babylon!

Souls stolen like Black Friday merchandise at the mall..whose caught up in the game? this is no blah blah babble on!

How will this black man play it? how will I work this? there's no rah rah rah stuff!! that's not what I'm on..a bruh is playing his position.

Excuse me..but theres no lah lah lah stuff like The Delfonics or Stylistics..but I checked this..people make the world go round..how are they living?

Check these sonics as we provide the ballistics...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Coming Out Fresh Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Coming Out Fresh Mix: "holiday weekend mixes continue.. Coming Out Fresh Mix"

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: What's The Alternative?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: What's The Alternative?: "Heard what was said..saw what was done..I was looking for alternatives. So called warm souls were left out in the cold..just like the Atla..."

The Recognize The Pattern Mix

holiday weekend mixes continue...check this out!!

The Recognize The Pattern Mix

This Is How It's Going Down

It was like an NFL game..Officials say the play will stand as called on the field!! boos are heard!! the crowd is disputing!!

Official or bootleg with it? shadetree mechanics are even cloud computing!

Mac or Windows? macking..sliding through portals..windows of opportunity...similar to inside traders looting the treasury.

Old school soul songs by the Persuaders talk about the thin line between love and hate...out there in the gray area!! where pain and pleasure will be!

The treausure will be somewhere over the rainbow! per Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

I dont think this is Kansas!! in the hooptie listening to Kansas in the Wild Wild West where Guns and Roses are!

Wasn't in the 2010 Census..violated? homie said I was void where prohibited by law!

What's the consensus? depends on if your a Republican or Democrat..partisanship? whatcha starting? soon there'll be martial law.

Based on what the marshall saw..when your in Texas look behind you!

That's where the Ranger is gonna be!!! per Chuck Norris..dude said dont let me find you!

Just like Bobby Bowden said he wasn't to old to find Peggy in the Discover Card commercial..

What will wasting a mind do? it's a terrible thing!! per the Negro College fund commercial!

Getting that mind right!! find out what it'll do..who'll work with a bro?

Fasting and praying to the east is what Akbar did!! he said it worked for a bro!

O-Dog is blasting the podcast..going for what I know..check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

This is how it's going down!! for those asking a bro how he's living!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Going In (In It Up To Our Necks) Mix

Holiday Weekend / Black Friday Mix Show...

The Going In (In It Up To Our Necks) Mix

Kanye West: Ragingly Rants About Taylor Swift, Matt Lauer, George W. Bush & more - BV Buzz

Kanye West: Ragingly Rants About Taylor Swift, Matt Lauer, George W. Bush & more - BV Buzz

The Black Friday Edition...

how will this black man play his position?

Right place and the right time!! I was sitting in the hooptie..listening to Evil by Earth Wind and Fire on WCLK.

Wrong place wrong time? it's like North and South Korea..whose reflecting on what evil will do? whose caught in the flames..the fire? how did they try to play?

Wrong face wrong crime? dude did the time..wrong mind state..not one of the fifty? feel me!! heard someone say hold on...wait a little bit longer!

Please!! my fate wasn't altered by ecological ignorance...knew what the deal is in this environment..no imposters allowed like in Afghanistan..I though we should have been stronger!

But that's not considered!! I kept it moving..chilling on Black Friday..I cut my losses..moved on to the next!

How will this black man play? I didn't let anyone else plan it!! ignored referees and officials..coin tosses are not a factor...feel that!

Whose real with that? some will almost blow the game like The Saints and Cowboys.. someone else has a different opinion based on other factors.

What's the perspective? bargain hunters using cash, check or credit? what's up with it? I'm down here in the A-Town surrounded by actresses and actors.

But reality checks are issued by pay masters!! others disconnected..others rolled in corporate, religious, or government environments..in their prime they swerved!

But whose disrespected? might even be in the wrong database!! any credit given for time served?

Observing the scene...I came back like Reggie Bush..now errors are corrected..I hit the reset button..now using different functions.

Just got back from the International Space Station...intergalactic aliens were contacted.. now O-Dogs funk is like Parliament or Confunkshuns!

I interacted with dysfunctional families that didn't understand these..what was I on?

Told them it's this breakbeat science..acting like I knew what it do!! once again it's on!!

As I hit you up with another Black Friday Edition..somebody asked me what's the Good Word?

Check out how this black man is playing his position...putting it down like Rajon Rondo...assisting my people...or like the rasta in the hood that said he had the good herb!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The 10 Most Scandalous Cases of Unfaithful Athletes - theBVX.com

The 10 Most Scandalous Cases of Unfaithful Athletes - theBVX.com

Still Scientific With It....

Scientific...breaking beats and the so called king's english..putting them back together again..even atom smashing like hadron colliders.

Doing It Fluid like The BlackByrds...back with it!! I was even crashing and burning..but rising like the phoenix..hail to these freedom riders!

Stashing beats and rhymes in the lab..burning CD's..still recording cassettes..plus processing MP3s.

Facing opposition like For Colored Girls male bashing? haters try to clock the steez.

O-Dizzle rocks..please!! out in the storm..thunder and lightning..clashing with titans...going off like North Korea...equipped with sonic weaponry.

O-Zone flips the script..currency deals like China-Russia? please..I'm cashing reality checks!! bear witness to the wizardry.

In this danger zone? God is with me!! like the Negro spiritual whom shall I fear?

...Nothing but fear itself was the slogan from Franklin Roosevelt..that was felt..but Armageddon is near.

I hit the clear or reset button..was I back in love again like Jeffrey Osborne?

.....And LTD ..what's the deally? O-Dog rocks out like Ozzy Osbourne.

Ultimatums issued like Jason Bourne!! after identities were stolen during the burglary.

The verbatum forensic rhetoric showed we were facing scorn!! so what will the good word be?

The Good Word? O-Zone had a whole sack full!! harvested from secret gardens.

Similar to the good herb harvested in California ..tractors pull at farms..but fools in the streets won't get pardons.

What's the deal with you they ask? I'm outside the box..outside the margins ..coloring outside the lines.

Going all out!! for freedom? we ride..plus for peace..a bruh soon finds.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Posted Up....On Some Other Other..The Sonic Assault Edition...

I was posted up like Shaq..but on some other other!! here lately? that seems to be the norm.

I guess defense mechanisms kicked in automatically..because like Chicago we're out in the storm.

Some of us found shelter!! even though like that old school pop song? raindrops keep falling on my head!

Posted up..but I see helter skelter was the business!! as usual..a lot of us were misled!

Gimme Shelter was heard... ...word from The Rolling Stones..others were spoon fed..but while I was watching them, they were watching me!!

But I was posted up batching up something fresh..we're exposing the epitome of what discrete will be.

Others exhibit the epitome of stupidity....trying to act brand new with me...patted down and going through body scanners..plus behaviors were modified!

What's up with it? that's business as usual at hood functions!!!..heard what was said ..somebody had the gumption to say it's its all gravy baby!! but like the North Koreans fronting..somebody lied!

Families were dysfunctional..somebody cried..while others were nonchalant about the whole matter.

Posted up..we're showing you how the funk should go..for freedom we ride..the Sonic Assault will make foes scatter.

Posted up..on some other other..but I focus on what really matters..ignoring the distractions!

Studying dark matter and even anti matter..The bogus said things were the real deally during their interactions.

Like Jackson's they said Maybe Tomorrow benefits will be reaped..if not today!

Disputes between factions erupt..pain and sorrow the by product...some will even get fired like Brad Childress was with by the Vikings..what did the thunder and lightning strike bring? bringing about a delay?

Leslie Frazier steps up...otherwise..we're needing to keep our guard up..who crept up?...how did some play? loose lips sink ships!! plus it's like on the street..snitches end up with stitches.

...Or posted up..in ditches...or trauma wards at Grady in the ATL..what's the deal? called out by the umpire!! swinging at pitches.

Who calls themselves posted up? the empire will hit switches..now there's interference.

Posted up...this is whatsup...whose spotted? victims of circumstance!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still Making Moves...

Manuevers were scrutinized!! it was like La Barbie..Edgar Valdez Villareal from Mexico..somebody is all up on it!

What can they prove to us? just confirmation that they are the opponent.

Pawn shop components and appliances were the basis of this breakbeat science movement.

Felonious moves made by those not in compliance? just because we're all about social improvement?

As we move with it....Thelonius Monk type funk is dropped..otherwise? kept quiet ..didn't say anything detrimental.

....To be used as evidence against me..pleaded the fifth.. but pain is released on an O-Dog instrumental.

Used and abused in previous episodes..the mental and physical were bruised up!

Did things change like Russia aiding NATO?..interpreted street codes..DaVinci Codes..all modes used up?

Survival mode? discrete mode? what was told? we're summing up the consequences.

What will unfold? whose running up? running amok!! just causing ill circumstances?

Making advances..trying to chill..but trouble will find me!

Taking chances...but this world is crazy!! always something there to remind me!

Otherwise..where will you find me? probably out there soaking up Scorpio sun rays.

It's late November..typing this under the full moon..hit the reset button..had to remember how this son plays!

Now I run plays that were deep in my playbook!! the repertoire!

Flowing down the stream of consciousness..chilled in the reservoirs.

No role reversal!! being me!! maintaining focus..sticking to the original plan.

They tried to work a bruh!! didn't know they were dealing with the original man.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shooting Caught On Tape In Miami


The Saga / Struggle Continues...Reloaded Once Again..

The saga /struggle continues..what's on these menus? from the airport to the hearings concerning Charles Rangel in the House of Representatives...wolves were at the front door howling!

From Minnesota or running in Packs like NC State? all up in the house!! who shows hate when I drive to the hoop? they keep fouling!

What was I supposed to do? career on the line like Greg Oden and Branden Roy? ...I'm out here driving the hooptie..The Cut Dog..but its not in the driveway!

It was stolen!! old dude told me the devil is opposed to you!! trying to take your life away!

The saga / struggle continues...what's on these menus? toil and strife is not the way to proceed.

Wolves were howling at the front door!! heard what they said..Donald Trump was even fronting!!! is it time to feed?

Some were styling and profiling !! high off the weed and drank!! might have even dropped E-tablets.

Soon caught up in racial profiling..meanwhile I dropped brand new funk and this good word..that was written on yellow legal pads or tablets.

Legal eagles thought they had this!! but a bruh is filing scientific information..trapping antimatter atoms..plus I have diplomatic immunity.

Buick Regals were used to escape the madness!! now I'm chilling in the community.

Seeing through the plot and scheme..nightmares the by-product of the dream..they tried to play me like Cam Newton...scandalize my name..I heard what they had to say!

...That mouth will get them in trouble....turning this into a bad day!

Like the south was in trouble during Civil Wars..some are still fighting it.

These days? down south in the ATL..bringing the storm..thunder and lightning with it!

But I keep fighting with it!! the apparatus..they sent the wolves to the front door.

But we proceed and continue!! check the next episode for the score!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Industrial Strength..But Recycled

They said it was industrial strength..but remanufactured..damn!! had to put it together after being searched by TSA...it was recycled!

Whose trusting ya? getting played like Charles Rangel..whose going the length?..on the strength!!..souls are fractured..cycled.

I was on a different schedule..couldn't log on..but wasn't timed out or cycled..peeped game..seeing what it do!

Didn't let go!! still ghetto!! still in the hood where the Cut Dog is a luxury vehicle!

Some just had to go..that's whatsup with me..I was in the smoke and mirrors up in Kentucky with Mitch McConnell...but I could see through the ongoing scam.

..from the get go..independent!! not a co-defendant or co-dependent.not caught out there looking for victims like Bobby Tillman...I'm going for what I'm knowing man!

From the ghetto..the suburbs..to Haiti..to so called corporate and government corridors of power..to settlements in the Gaza Strip!

Who'll let you know the real deal? or have you facing corporal punishment..I'm trying not to flip!

Dude said he was a prime time player..like Deion Sanders ....jersey put into the rafters of the Georgia Dome ...others just fell off!

Talking about how it once was..but we needed sounds of silence like Simon and Garfunkel..but vehicles were guided by non qualified pilots when they sail off!

Who tried to tell us how the funk should go? ..didn't sell off these clearance rack epiphanies..the street code is not violated..I posted them up throughout the conglomerate.

Haters say defiance is futile..said we needed a new style..also said they're running it!

So what's up with it? this futuristic mystic had the old school blue collar style!

Human like the human league..industrial strength?..check the style!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jack Johnson Hid $80k In Wife's Bra As FBI Listened In | News One

Jack Johnson Hid $80k In Wife's Bra As FBI Listened In | News One

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Didn't Fool With Them...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Didn't Fool With Them...: "They didnt know how to play a brotha...because usually I didn't fool with them. Already knew the play!! a veteran now coaching like Phil J..."

The Construction Site..

Saw bulldozers rolling!! plus I spotted a bunch of dudes in yellow hard hats!

Yellow tape is put up...orange cones..so what it do..whats up with that?

This is a construction site..but no new homes are built...theres enough of them?

Justice obstruction at the site? Suu Kyi can bear witness..she was up in the spot!! not mad at them...domes feel the pressure..dealing with gamblers out for a fast buck..cards are dealt by those and them!

What's up with those and them? out there..like Indonesia.where volcanoes erupt!! tsunamis occur.. where the lines blur..four walls closing in on them.

What's up with those and them? please!! I let them go on about their business!! so it's on them!

Please!! It's on them!! the sickness..it's like they're dealing with Typhoid Mary!

Spotted the daughter of chaos..who'll take a loss? is freedom arbitrary?

What's it like? it's scary!! as we go there..caught out there..it's like the deal with Park Atlanta..clauses and fine print in the contract!

It's scary!! little homie Rico made wire transfers of drug proceeds!! he made contact!

....with cartels in Mexico..how did it go? dude transferred funds from Gwinnett County.

...In Georgia..it's on their mind like Ray Charles!!! ...or even the Willie Nelson version..how will the sound be?

Funky like dude from Augusta Georgia!! James Brown..can we get down like Craig Mack? recognize!

But we can't trust it like Chuck D and Flavor Flav and them!! saw bulldozers and yellow tape..as we enter these construction sites.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

NPR: Should the NCAA Rethink Its Stance on Paying Athletes?

NPR: Should the NCAA Rethink Its Stance on Paying Athletes?

Jodeci's Devante Swing Arrested For Being Too Drunk At Subway | News One

Jodeci's Devante Swing Arrested For Being Too Drunk At Subway | News One

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Thought They Were Rolling...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Thought They Were Rolling...: "I thought they were rolling!! but they caused a traffic jam on I-285. ...In Atlanta..moving sucker slow or going with the flow? either way..."

Might Have Told Ya Earlier...It's All Game..

Obama can bear witness..wolves were at the front door howling!! they wanted entry!

Similar to authorities with the battering ram ....whose caught in a jam? if you do or don't? they're damning an entity!!!

Damn!!! what's up with me? as I break beats and the so called kings english!

Nobody wanted to break bread like deacons at the church communion..others said hail to the chief!! hail to the king!! but I show anguish.

Others weren't hearing Obama
....G20 is acting funny with the money..meanwhile revolutionaries say to hell with King Pharaoh!! he didn't want to let my people go!

In Babylon? I stay low....from Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg...avoiding Kojak and Barnaby Jones..I creep through slow!

What am I on? whatcha know? O-Dog hooked up a track...haters get Sonic Assaulted..while O-Zone peeped game.

All up in the spot!! in this zone..if things are negative? my folks will catch the blame.

It's all game..they told me freedom would cost..do you have bad credit?

It's all game..they said choose your poison...then told you to drop the bad habit!

It's all game..habituals interpreted symbols..Miami Heat looking bad initially but they went for what they know!

It's all game...like the Falcons beating the Ravens..rituals and services were performed..they told you to go with the flow!

Whatcha know? check the weather report!! inclement weather is on the way!! whose caught out there!! it stormed for forty days and forty nights.

Whose waiting in the dark? celebrating when it's over with!!! I hear Kanye West Flashing Lights.

Or maybe Flashlight by the Parliament!! or maybe even Celebration by Kool and The Gang!

We were able to run the wolves away from the door!! but we're staying on point..realizing that it's all game!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rihanna & Drake "What's My Name": Behind The Scenes [VIDEO] | Hello Beautiful

Rihanna & Drake "What's My Name": Behind The Scenes [VIDEO] | Hello Beautiful

R Kelly And Ron Isley Behind The Scenes Of The Soul Train Awards

R Kelly And Ron Isley Behind The Scenes Of The Soul Train Awards Singing "Contagious" | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

2010 Soul Train Awards [PHOTOS] |

2010 Soul Train Awards [PHOTOS] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Bush Tax Cuts: White House To Extend Controversial Tax Cuts | News One

politics as usual..

Bush Tax Cuts: White House To Extend Controversial Tax Cuts | News One

Reloading This Good Word....Veterans Day Edition

.....a veteran in the game now coaching....

A veteran in the game now coaching...but glitches in the matrix caused a brotha to change some of my functions.

Snitches were faking it!! but we had this good word!! plus we drop funk on them ...similar to Con funk shuns.

Some even take the hatred with them to the grave!! that function is madness.

Heard the issues debated..they try to play us like Cam Newton..said we misbehave when we come back with this!

Spotted the slackness...plus spotted chefs in hell's kitchen with the recipe for disaster!! the sickness!

Coping strategies fail us....think faster!! no time for ecological ignorance!

Fates altered...now wishing and hoping...meanwhile we're back with this good word..making a difference?

Praying...that's the way I make it!! a bruh can see the difference.

Playing this good word and brand new funk thing!! belligerent with this?

..Similar to homie in the hood..said he had the good herb..plus other contraband in the trunk..there's no difference.

Basically the same!! it's all game!! operating in survival mode!! Brotha O is a live bro..but sometimes I change courses.

Basically the same !! the judicial system wouldn't grant a bruh reality divorces!!

Things were strange!! but of course I didn't like it!! I wasn't like Cameo.

Caught out there in the danger zone!! like the East Coast US for Yemen mail bombs ...the appearance was more than cameo.

The mothership has landed on earth!! a bruh will go for what he knows!!

What's up with it!! down streams of consciousness a brotha flows.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The T. Ocho Show' on Versus: Co-Host Kevin Frazier Talks TV Biz, Terrell Owens & Chad OchoCinco - BV on Money

Kevin Frazier to host TV show featuring Terrell Owens & Chad Ocho Cinco

The T. Ocho Show' on Versus: Co-Host Kevin Frazier Talks TV Biz, Terrell Owens & Chad OchoCinco - BV on Money

Read The Book..The Contract..And The Fine Print..

Reading the book..even spotted graphic warnings like on cigarette packs..I read whole chapters..not just the highlights.

Only Human like the Human League? whose controlled by the flesh? we know they "ain't gonna" act right!.

Conflicted feelings due to the contract not being right!! whose bipartisan? the contract gives and takes away!!

Whose consenting to foolishness? acting like they knew this!! now everything is in disarray!

What it do? facing accusations like Cam Newton...but a new man..the other conduct can cause funerals..lockdowns in correctional facilities..plus lives are scarred mentally and physically.

The Brotha O rocks the sound!! O-Zone is like Isaac Newton..he drops math..insight..letting you know the deally.

Under attack!! even tried to mail a bomb per FedEx or UPS!!! whose trying to knock me down? steel will be the main ingredient of the structure.

But it can rust..Main Ingredient said everybody plays the fool sometimes...even Aaron Neville has a version!! knowing this world will corrupt ya!

In God We Trust!! like it's listed on the US currency!! whose working with me and you? they're actually impeding our progress.

...Said we were odd..unworthy..but we kept moving..speeding through the portal..they can't stop this!!

Recognize the sense of urgency!! whose needing direction? they were found waiting in the dark.

Recognized the sense of urgency...swerving is where you found me!! back in the day ..waiting in Shawnee Park.

..Up in Louisville..back in the day...but states of emergencies led me down here to the ATL.

What's the deal? fates not altered by ecological ignorance..recognized what the deal is!! some want us to fail.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Bobby Tillman Murder: Georgia Teen Beaten To Death In Unprovoked Attack | News One

Bobby Tillman Murder: Georgia Teen Beaten To Death In Unprovoked Attack | News One

The I-20 Chronicles PT.2

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to some old Rahsaan Roland Kirk..I spotted little homie swerving.

We're rolling!! ignoring Democrats and Republicans!! knowing strategies won't work ...getting fired like Wade Phillips..that's what the deal is!! based on what I'm observing.

Fired back with the Sonic Assault....from my perspective on the frontlines..the ground floor..ground zero.

We're disrespected...like Bloomberg vs President Obama...society fronts on mine ....played like were zero!

I but I digress..trying to be a hero when Tina Turner said we didn't need another one!!

It's cold down here in Atlanta!! but back to little homie..he had on a Champion hoodie..a doo rag..Los Angeles Lakers trunks...old school tube socks and had Timberlands on!

Little homie rolled down I-20..rocks the Cut-Dog..Timberland and Magoo on the CD changer..next up is Justin Timberlake..Cry Me A River.

Act like you knew!! just trying to say something like Timberland and Drake ..but folks think I'm a liar!

I'm avoiding the thought and fashion police like a non believer!! rocking Sean John jeans, Fila sneakers and a Louisville sweatshirt.

Down here in Georgia..Dekalb Police look at me like I'm crazy!! sentenced to a third world sweatshop?

Down here in Georgia..taking a stab at it like hole in the wall juke joints!! what you get is jazz, funk or hip hop.

Down here in Georgia..realized..to the little homie? I'm similar!! hood with it.

Even though I dealt with the corporate..had a couple of college classes...rolling down I-20..I'm still asking..what's good with it?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Eagles 26, Colts 24 - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

Mike Vick Is Back!!!

Eagles 26, Colts 24 - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

Atlanta Falcons fend off Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

this was a good game...an ATLien..but I like Tampa Bay...

Atlanta Falcons fend off Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

Who Had The Hook-Up???

They hooked up extension cords..or even a USB cord..so they could extract energy.

Who had the hook up? but was really just fronting like John Boehner..but what's up with ya? not right and exact!! meanwhile this is a discrete entity!

But they say I acted like a crook up in the spot!! even stereotypes come into play!

Others took up space in the spot...crooked like Mitch McConnell back to his Jefferson County Kentucky days!! Republicans acting arrogant? others were slacking..meanwhile we come with a play!

Cry baby like Brett Favre or Peyton Manning? the veteran status lead to a coaching position..now bossing like Rick Ross!

Trouble will holla at us!! whose a Trouble Man like that Marvin Gaye joint was!

The ray of light was followed..no ill doctrine was swallowed..I went to the end of the rainbow!

Things "ain't right"....I landed in Atlanta Georgia..now finding out how the pain will go!

Things "ain"t right" ...the leprecaun was just a trickster!! he didn't have a pot of gold!

I can't get right with a court jester!! up in Magistrate's court confessing...saying the truth is told!

No justice no peace..no rest for the weary..holla if you hear me!

Word from Tupac..what's up with us? up in this piece staying on point!! didn't want evil near me!

God's will? that'll steer me in the right direction..that's whatsup!

Whats the deal? I had to recognize the pattern..avoiding the corrupt!

Recognize the real...who has the hookup? said they're moving on up like the Jeffersons to the Eastside.

Actually..I'm already there..Eastside ATL...."it ain't nothing nice" in love or war nothing's fair!! it's famine or feast when we slide!

I Heard What Was Said!! - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

word from part of the conglomerate...

I Heard What Was Said!! - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Saturday, November 06, 2010

152 Arrested For Protesting Oscar Grant Killer's Sentencing | News One

cutting up out in Oakland.

152 Arrested For Protesting Oscar Grant Killer's Sentencing | News One

John Boehner's links to lobbyists could be the chink in his political armour | World news | The Observer

word from The Guardian concerning the supposedly new Speaker of The House John Boehnner

John Boehner's links to lobbyists could be the chink in his political armour | World news | The Observer

Shadow War in Yemen Could Heat Up After ‘Printer Bomb’ Scare | Danger Room | Wired.com

another war? Iraq...Afghanistan...now Yemen?

Shadow War in Yemen Could Heat Up After ‘Printer Bomb’ Scare | Danger Room | Wired.com

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: How Were They Trying To Play A Brotha?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: How Were They Trying To Play A Brotha?: "What's the deal? they try to play a brotha like Obama..like he's unworthy. How will they feel when I'm spotted out on the fast break like J..."

What's The Real Story?

What's the real story? studied the book...is there a deliberate falsehood?

What's really going on? ghetto passes needing to be revoked? card carrying members were acting false in the hood!

Falsettos were heard!! so was bass and tenor..jokers were singing like The Stylistics.

"People make the world go round" ..but haters were trying to clown on these futuristic mystics!

Ballistics were stockpiled..check this steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Statistics tabulated...compiled..when the Sonic Assault was launched? systems calculated the global position.

But the system is tripping...brothas and sistas react out in Oakland...meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming..connecting the dots.

Inclement weather is everywhere..battles with Tony The Storm...nuclear winter? Tomas wasn't a winner.. whose caught out in the rain? it's storming..with the thunder and lightning..overwhelming these spots.

The have and have nots clash!! decisions are made that are rash!! is it all about the cash? whose polarized?

Atlanta..the home of smash and grabs
...the poor wanted it supersized!

Workers were unsupervised...now slacking on the job..they didn't wanna act right!

The other side of the spectrum? actors and actresses practice..trying to get their act right!

Times are hard on the boulevard!! the reaction is of the "by any means necessary" variety.

Emotionally scarred is how some are left!! now in search of their identity.

It was stolen!! along with their aura..can't turn their swagger on!

Self medicating with the drank, weed or pills..spotted down on Bankhead Highway....trying to get their stagger on.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Lil Wayne Released From Jail; 4 Behavioral Changes That Will Keep Him Out of Prison

Lil Wayne Released From Jail; 4 Behavioral Changes That Will Keep Him Out of Prison

As We Do This...

Laying in the cut..trying not to draw attention like Keith Olbermann..a bruh tries to stay out of trouble.

What's up? the corrupt want to see us suffer..job market is still tight..making the stress double.

Blowing up the spot like Hurricane Tomas..rubble was everywhere!! I spotted the debris!

Whatcha knowing about it? a bruh is intergalactic...even though shuttle flights delayed...but back with it..the debris? it's of the cosmic variety!

Please!! I'm on top of this and that!! it's my top priority..up in Babylon.

It's like bombs..on us? they drop this and that!! but that's life in the danger zone!

What were some on? it's Blackberry vs I-Phones..or it can even be Google vs Facebook..technicians are dealing with known issues.

What were others on? said they're coming up..to get ahead? they'll even dis you!!

Others were running up..clocking this like Cam Newton..but they didn't understand the moves!

Others acted like mathematicians..summing things up..presumptions were made..some even heard the sound!! didn't understand the grooves!

Functions were messed up by computer glitches!! but energy was still transferred.

Positive or negative? we dropped funk on them in response..a commuter switches routes..soon transferred.

What transpired? I was laying in the cut while consumers sweated the steelo!

The vehicle never fired on all cylinders!! messed up like the shuttle..that's how hoopties do!! meanwhile storm troopers try to figure out this fly Negro!

What's the deal with this? I fly below the radar..but dealing with setbacks, obstacles and roadblocks.

But still real with this!! science dropped based on the street code..plus the sound knocks!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I Hear and Feel The Winds Of Change Blowing!!

Winds of change blow..plus the seasons change..GOP in charge? I was preparing myself.

Fiends change the rules!! reasons unknown..nobody is sharing..but I go on with my bad self!

The struggle
for material wealth continues!! I'm peeping game spotting the losers and winners.

Who'll juggle roles? making moves that are stealth!! the game wasn't for beginners.

What's up with ya? jokers were salty and greasy like Bojangles or Ms. Winners chicken!!

As we work these angles..listening to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band..Mr. Bojangles ..the science dropped is based on breakbeat science..that's what we're kicking!

Working the angles like Nitt Pitino....sticking to the original plan..I'm focused on this business man!! trying to handle it.

Whose tricking because they've got it? just because Halloween just passed..
...it was rough on a bro in Atlanta......caught up in bogus business? you'd better abandon it!

...Inflicting injuries to themselves..stranded on an island like Gilligan.

Sick with it when I conjure up these elixirs? please..I'm just bringing back the real..once again!

It's all about mind expansion..space/time distortions find other galaxies..voyages are taken by this futuristic mystic.

Jokers party in mansions out in Lithonia!! authorities paid off to look the other way..until some go ballistic.

Then they'll have the crackdown..Dekalb County doesn't play around!! neither does the State of Georgia..it's like that and like this!

Smackdowns by reality are delivered!!just like these clearance rack epiphanies..as we fight this.

..And we fight that..like Republicans talking junk...or maybe talking junk like Kevin Garnett...whose facing charges for assault and battery?

Maybe we will be...for bringing the Sonics..our response to this..holla at me!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

House Speaker Boehner Slams Obama After Midterm Elections | News One

....the republicans wont do any better..Obama could have focused on the economy more..but he couldn't force companies to hire!! he bailed out the banks..but they didn't and wont help the American people..they're just focused on profits!!

House Speaker Boehner Slams Obama After Midterm Elections | News One

The Euphoria Is Gone!!

The euphoria is gone....the US mad at Obama and Pelosi? now it's like Elvis and Superman..when they left the building.

Territorial disputes are ongoing...Republicans vs Democrats..even though the Civil War ended a long time ago!! nobody's yielding!!

O-Zone is the grand imperial with the Golden Glove..fielding grounders like Maury Wills.

In danger zones? an ill one will interfere with a bro!!whatcha know? there'll be a paternity test given on Maury's Show like Lil Wayne!! ...seems fraternal orders were behind shady deals!

State of Georgia? Nathan Deals..plus other Republicans win!! cant believe these folks down here are rolling like that!!!

Soon skating on thin ice..affected by global warming..or even waiting in the dark ..wondering where the light is at!

...Or is..as we handle this breakbeat science business!! winning championships? soon cheering like San Franciso Giant fans!! dealing with the aftermath.

..As we do this..as we break north!! rolling discrete after we drop this math.

After we took this path...landed on a new team like Randy Moss.. while others were waiting for answers.

These sonic arsonists even set a fire!! started a disco inferno!! waiting for dancers!!

When will the statute of limitations expire? waiting on cancers to subside.

No statues in front of the coliseum like Michael Jordan..beg your pardon!! just left the Carribean..where the drug sub will slide.

In the background Slide by Slave will play..back in the day? competing with Love Lifted Me.

Into the black sound!! the other joint was messed up by the messenger!! in the hood is where the gifted will be.

Priorities shifted...that's the deally..I keep my eye on New Type Gangsters..

Identities lifted or stolen...dealing with crabs in a barrel...or in correctional facilities..jokers were trying to shank us...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Haters that Look Like Friends | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

this is bananas!!!

Haters that Look Like Friends | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

This Is Off The Top...PT.2..

This is off the top..it doesn't stop!! symbolic..because it's at the starting point.

Plus the drama doesn't stop!! similar to the Republican surge..like different people merge down here in the ATL melting pot..but sometimes that reachs the boiling point!!

Others were calling it the tipping point..ATL smash and grabbers were stripping the joint!!! what were they supposed to do?

Atoms smash at Hadron Colliders..scientists do their studies..what's up with these? old dude told me the devil is opposed to you!

Freedom Riders got on the bus like Rosa Parks so that others can cruise in the Lexus or the Caddie Escalade.

Freedom Riders these days collect pay!! even try to stress us in the latest escapade.

Riders of the storm like the Doors and Jim Morrison know its a charade but can't escape..caught up in the spin cycle.

What's the deal? spotted the parade..jokers were sliding across slick floors..almost Moon walking like Michael..

Doors and windows of opportunity closing? GOP back in control? meanwhile I was composing this on the day after Halloween..others waiting in the dark..wondering where did the light go?

Sweat was running out of pores..some were seen waiting for answers..where did their sight go?

What's the score..not given by Fox Sports or ESPN....but the night will go away ..it'll be all over in the morning!

....Just like the gospel song by The Winans played at the funeral..the family was in mourning.

Power moves were made like Alonzo Mourning!! ..but referees made sure you foul out!

Some didn't fight the power like PE!! they chose to go gonzo!! out there trying to wild out!

Things have gotten wild out there!! there'll be collateral damage.

This is off the top due to being stranded out there!! what it do? we stay strong during the ongoing scrimmage.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: In The Meantime and Between Time..From Then Until ...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: In The Meantime and Between Time..From Then Until ...: "Back in the day..in the backwoods of Kentucky..the gambling spot was in a trailer. Backwoods in the air...brown Kentucky liqour was drunk....."

Alcohol more dangerous than heroin, study finds - Health - Addictions - msnbc.com

Alcohol more dangerous than heroin, study finds - Health - Addictions - msnbc.com

As Usual..... I Kept It Moving...PT.2.

What it do? haters disrespected..played us like Democrats..tried to make a mockery of that and this.

What it do? we're Stepping Into Tomorrow like Donald Byrd..we disconnected...soon they'll realize we'e rocking that and this!!

Beats are perfected per Afrika Bambaataa...O-Dog is handling business..plus O-Zone sent these turnaround documnets..

Steady bombardment from the Sonic Assault..plus Random Thoughts are selected..as we get to the bottom of that and this..

No stopping this fururistic mystic..anointed like John Boehner? I don't know..I was rolling with an amen corner...

Strong...making noise like Reuben Armstrong and Prophet H Walker...whose the deacon? a Wake Forest Demon one? I had to cut the corner..

A beacon of light from the street corner..Clay and Lampton in Louisville back on the day...these days? Babylon Forest Navigator..

Streaking through the night...the galaxies ..not just with NASA..corporate venture? one step ahead of a hater..

Beleiving the issue debater? some folk walked away when the story was told..

Decieving? that's what they do!! wasn't having it..fighting back...they didn't know I was bold..

They didn't know I was cold like a playa from the Himalayas...

Even though they're melting..then legendary figures were said to be lost..that's why I stayed prayed up...adding to my aura many layers...

Two points? layed up or dunked over seven people like Keion Bell of Pepperdine..
out on the fast break going for mine like NBA players!!

Who anoints the next royalty? now getting crunk down here like these A-Town players!!

Rocking funky joints like Poor Righteous Teachers..rays of light shine....

Ignoring haters making a mockery of this...as I go for mine...