Friday, August 31, 2012

Showbiz & A.G. ft. O.C. & Frank V -- Everytime I Touch The Mic

Digital Crate Digging Continues...back on the hip hop..checking out these veterans in the game....Showbiz and AG...along with OC....with help from Frank V...with a cut called Everytime I Touch The Mic....

Curtis Fuller- Little Messenger

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….listening to a little bit of everything today…hip hop… checking out some jazz / soul /funk… hitting you with the classic jazz sounds of trombone player Curtis Fuller with a tune called Little Messenger

….the players are Curtis Fuller – trombone; Art Farmer – trumpet; Sonny Clark – piano; George Tucker – bass; Louis Hayes – drums….that lineup could have won some medals in the Olympics!! check them out!!
Curtis Fuller- Little Messenger « Whats Really Going On?

Cafe Soul All Stars featuring Kenny Garrett & Roy ...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Cafe Soul All Stars featuring Kenny Garrett & Roy ...: Digital Crate Digging Continues....rolling down I-20 here in Atlanta listening to WCLK....they put this jam on by the Cafe Soul All Stars......


We’re chilling…earlier I mentioned marinating..we’re maintaining….rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…were just out here trying to avoid the demolition derby!

GOP conventions were full of subliminal hating….being built or torn down ? circumstances are debatable ….were just trying to maintain then gain;  I had a premonition about winning like the Kentucky Derby!

Whats up with me? methods are unconventional….who will work with me? the reign began with a drizzle…now its heavy like Hurricane Isaac…this world is full of devil’s advocates!

Whats that noise?  in Russia they try to start a Pussy Riot... they bring the drama to your front door; what did they front for?  tripping when we came back with this!

I felt the pressure….others lost their poise after authorities track this with GPS… Curiosity Rover type maneuvers… they’re feeling the stress / feeling the pain!

I felt the pressure…I was even Way Way Out There…intergalactic..but some lost their voice out there!! crying / screaming!!  some blow their top when hard luck piles on;  it was hard to maintain!

Check out the rest of this artiicle at.....Maintaining….Marinating… « Whats Really Going On?

I Was Telling Them...Of Course It'll Be A Bit Mess...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Was Telling Them...Of Course It'll Be A Bit Mess...: Checking out the Total Chaos. .. this world is in a state of despair and turmoil!  Jokers were plotting and scheming like Mitt Romney an...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nas - God's Son ( Complete Album )

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Nas - God's Son ( Complete Album ): Digital Crate Digging Continues...listening to some classic hip hop....Nas...God's Son...its like this and like that and a!! Check out the p...

We Played Ourselves

Damn! I took a look around; like Romney accusing Obama of slacking.. we might have played ourselves! 

Like miners being charged with murder by South Africans...we're caught up in the system / matrix...they say we didnt behave ourselves!

Like George Huguely...the system / prosecution even announced sentences; time was on shelves... plus there was some being served! 

It gets ugly when dealing with the persecution; but we went on with our bad selves!! out on I-20 in Atlanta we swerved! 

......Or maybe we'll roll out on 101 in San Francisco or up on I-75 in Detroit! 

Whats really going on? please!!  after Jackson Hole?....we found out these contracts were null and void! 

In danger zones?  contacts tried to fill the void..they were drunk, smoked out, or on those bath salts! 

....Others caught the second hand smoke; meanwhile O-Zone heard what was said...he was catching the joke; while O-Dizzle broke beats; check the math from these Sonic Assaults! 

Its no joke..peeped game...the deliberate falsehood was being at the Republican National Convention...we respond to the onslaught from the apparatus! 

...Listening to French Montana....Everything's A Go;  but did we play ourselves? check the status! 

Jokers holla at us!! throwing passes like Joe Montana; some of us caught them....we fell for it! 

Whats up man?  traffic was held up...we were on I-285 in Atlanta caught behind a Pontiac Montana van...or a Subaru Outback.....following another mans plan? we fell for it! 

The embellishment had a spell on it; R.I.P Chris Lighty..some might understand a bruh ....outback witches and warlocks dealt with it!

They said the Lord blessed it....but they were false prophets with the deliberate falsehood; like they've been smoking backwoods...their words were taken lightly..some might have felt it! 

Some were on one accord with it; said they were putting it down!! but they tested false positive..acting false in the hood?  soon they played themselves! 

Now due to the False Positive comics...they're out there.. paying the price they can't afford;  should have ignored the joker that said go on with your bad selves!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clearance Rack Epiphanies; The Sale Is Still On

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; mentioned earlier…they’re similar to back to school sales!

Whose given security clearance for this and that?  CIA officers in Mexico?  so whatcha know? please!! society hopes that a fool fails!

Diplomatic immunity was revoked …there’s interference..whose expelled from hostile territories like envoys to Syria? 

….Dipped back to the community;  back in Atlanta suburbs jokers were cutting deals with Mexican cartel members;  contributing to the confusion….the mass hysteria!

Whats the deal with ya?  fighting losing battles?  like Romney and Ryan…please!! you know these gamblers out for a fast buck dealt bad cards!

As we get real with ya;  the trunk rattles as we roll down I-20 in the hooptie; not a gas guzzling fast truck;  felt by those with bad hearts.....
Clearance Rack Epiphanies; The Sale Is Still On « Whats Really Going On?

Oh!! So Its Like That Huh? Still Asking That Quest...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Oh!! So Its Like That Huh? Still Asking That Quest...: Its going down like this and like that!! like Hurricane Isaac blowing its got me asking; so its like that huh? in a coup...

It Dont Stop; We Keep It Moving

Some were waiting to exhale like the movie;  I was outside enjoying the Virgo sun rays...trying to get some fresh air! 

Some were waiting on me to fail; they didn't want to work with a bro!!  but check how this son of God plays...moves will be immaculate; check the batches coming out..fresh as we go there! 

Rolling like a mack with it...pimping/ talking junk like Rep. Ryan?  or even Ann old girl in Louisville said somebody is lying!! meanwhile moves made are systematic..since some of us are caught up in it! 

Those controlling try to track with GPS and satellites... but I had rights; keeping it hood...I was brought up in it! 

Lessons are taught up in this piece! unlike Republican conventions; check the insights....I even try to deflect anothers projections! 

Blessings are caught up in this'll get yours..I'll get mine...sometimes they combine..but green on blue attacks occur like Afghanistan;  especially after I survive the insurrections! 

Whose stressing? observing the scene...acting like we knew...on this seventh anniversary of Katrina? Issac shows up... but we survive those inspections; perfection is God's business! 

Whose stressing?  cameras were in intersections; was the light yellow or red? its received tell us what the deal is!

We kept it moving; breakbeat scientific business was the main focus! 

We kept it moving; the fake needed to find some business..pain was caused by the bogus! 

We kept it moving; sacrificial lambs were on the grill after they were marinated! 

We kept it moving; this art is official not artificial; in love or war nothing was fair...jokers still hated!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Its Going Down; BreakBeat Scientific Business

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Its Going Down; BreakBeat Scientific Business: Jokers needed to get some business about themselves...they were sounding like Republicans at the convention ... they were slipping into dar...

Get Down On It Like Kool and The Gang

State your case you were delegates nominating Romney;  the prosecution needs a rebuttal! 

The state is in your face!! like authorities in Syria against the rebels...what will the response be? check the persecution...even NFL referees face the armchair quarterbacks are in the huddle! 

Stake your claim down at Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta!! bums give the quarters back? damn!!  a fool was acting strange! 

State your name!! geeked up like Lil Wayne?  now your encouraged to get down on it like Kool and The Gang! 

Hate is the same worldwide; how bleak will it get? please!!  the golden rule never changed....but there are amendments!

.....Plus your guilty until proven innocent; there's no pity for the defendants! 

Like Republican National Conventions  pity parties were well attended;  due to lack of benevolence? chilled!

Street committee meetings were opposing the word on the at Jackson Hole wheeled and dealed! 

Alt shift delete was the system's mission...observing the scene enabled me to see whats going down! 

Its not all sweet; some need to take Loose Ends advice about slowing down!

Its not all sweet;  but O-Dizzle gets loose with the funky blends; he's throwing down!

Its not all sweet; what's the dizzle?  can't you see how its going down!

But we continue to get down on it  like Kool and The Gang! 

Taking it day or even down to an hour at a time; to a fool that might seem strange!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies; The Back To School Sale Goes On

 This is similar to a back to school sale; check out these clearance rack epiphanies!

As I  “holla back ” at a fool..but not fronting on them like  Obama vs Republicans at the convention..not knowing what the deal is with these!

Please…unconventional methods were used for survival…. some were smoked out or on those bath salts …..maybe drunk off of Captain Morgans Spice Rum!

Please !! we broke out of L-7 square like Rick James talked about….O-Zone has the good word and O-Dog is nice with the drum! 

Check out the rest of this article at... 

Clearance Rack Epiphanies; The Back To School Sale Goes On « Whats Really Going On?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: V.I.P - Away

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: V.I.P - Away: Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some Hip Life music from Ghana...with Vision In Progress aka V.I.P....with a cut called Away...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jamalski - Dem No Ready For We (BlackWizard dNb RMX)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some reggae /drum and bass from Jamalski ...with a cut called Dem No Ready For Me....the BlackWizard drum and bass!!

All Up In The Spot; Whose Here With Me?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Up In The Spot; Whose Here With Me?: We're all up in the spot...whose here with me? damn!! I was surprised to see some of the residents!  The plan was hot!!  big homie said we...

Whats Up With It? Inquiring Minds Want To Know...

Whats up with it? inquiring minds wanted to know; whats really going on? just like my blog...

Whats up with it?  its like being in Damascus...were enhancing survival techniques in the smoke enhanced by mirrors; out in the fog! London; whose responding to the madness like G4S? the brotha O-Dog considered a hot mess when this funk is dropped!

 First responding; but realizing front line soldiers can get set up like Afghans vs The I see the casualties that dropped! 

Whats up man? check the flavor burst though; coming through like Hurricane Isaac.....cosmic slopping...but dealing with the cosmic karma! 

Reality checks enslave ya..some keep cashing them; seismic proportions measured on the Reichter Scale...dipping to Phoenix like Isaac Hayes won't help...who will ring the alarm for ya? 

....or maybe the storm will get ya; jokers try to manipulate the weather.....Al Roker's forecast was off by a few degrees! 

Whats up with it?  as we still deal with the hate..trying to cross the bridge over troubled waters per Simon and Garfunkel as we go off with these!

Whats up with it? O-Dizzle will try to bridge the gap...dropping funk on jazzing and hip hopping..

Whats up with it Holmes? O-Zone will try to bridge the gap..we're never quitting and never stopping....

Whats up with it? the homeless found prime real estate under the bridge or overpass off of I-20 in Atlanta due to the

Whats up with it?  Plan Z for some like James Holmes in Aurora; check the horror and terror as some look for closure!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bennie Maupin - It Remains To Be Seen

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Bennie Maupin - It Remains To Be Seen: Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out former Herbie Hancock / Headhunters sideman Bennie Maupin with a cut called It Remains To Be Seen...of...

Miles Davis - Spanish Key

Sunday Jazz Continues...listening to some of this classic Miles Davis....with a cut called Spanish Key off his Bitches Brew album...classic material here cousin...

Wayne Shorter..Bennie Maupin..Chick Corea and Lenny White were a few of the all-star players who helped him out...enjoy!!

Ernest Gonzales - The Prudence of Evolution

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ernest Gonzales - The Prudence of Evolution: Sunday Jazz the moment on some hip jazz /electrojazz type of shhh!! checking out Ernest Gonzales with The Prudence ...

Lou Donaldson – Gravy Train

 Sunday Jazz Continues….chilling….marinating like ribs in the “frigidaire” 

….wishing I was on The Gravy Train like Lou Donaldson mentioned…

Lou Donaldson was on the Alto Saxophone….he had  Herman Foster (Piano)…. Ben Tucker (Bass)…. Dave Baily (Drums)  and Alec Dorsey (Congas) helping him out…check it out!!!

Lou Donaldson – Gravy Train « Whats Really Going On?

Was It Them Or Me?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Was It Them Or Me?: Whats the deal? I took a look at the situation...wondering was it them or me?  Whats real compared to what? per Les McCann and Eddie Harri...

The I-20 Chronicles; Marinating..But Soon? In Transtion.....

I was chilling like chicken and ribs in the refrigerator with rub on them; just in time for the Labor Day holiday?  I was marinating! 

Chilling like a cold drink in the Frigidaire...but soon we'll go there....dipping down I-20 from the A-Town to Augusta..were in transition / circulating!

 Jokers acted like they were in Tampa at conventions like Republicans vs Obama...blocking like William Refrigerator Perry; .....I'm not playing around with those Busters or Herbs...they're in a circle hating

....they're throwing salt in the game! we "Can't Truss It" per Public Enemy...a brotha curbs his appetite like I did the broke down Oldsmobile Delta 88..once again...

A brotha knows what the deal is...but some said the joke is on us...we're caught up in the game 

....caught up in the system /matrix...we were getting played by gamblers out for a fast buck also known as corporations; rolling like Barclays and Libor....during conversations some told me that its all game!

 ....Plus snitches were rambling off names and dates..they even got loud like Charles Barkley...then they dipped in a fast truck after they were paid off! 

Switches and triggers were pulled by types like  James Holmes out in Aurora due to bad luck; meanwhile others got laid off! 

They even played me off like this is nothing..but I shine lights like the Aurora Borealis! 

Back in the day I dipped through Louisville in the Buick Regal; in the ATL I was in the Olds Cut Dog or Olds Aurora...also out on Pluto and Mars in the Neil Armstrong walking on the I know what the deal is! 

Now aura wasn't enhanced like Lance Armstrong...rolling up I-20 listening to Kiss 104 in Atlanta then Kiss 96.3 in Augusta...that's whats up with a bruh....these days minding my business; horror and terror from shady characters is exhibited ...all up in the spot! 

Similar to Hill of Horror in Johannesburg...but a Louisville / Newburg brotha will soon emerge....circulating / in transition;  universal movements is how we deal with it...soon were all over the spot!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bobby Humphrey -- Young Warrior (Madlib Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Madlib remix of Bobby Humphrey's Young Warrior...

Roni Size - Bite The Bullet

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Roni Size - Bite The Bullet: Digital Crate Digging Continues...chilling out in the lab /workshop....thinking about how I'm gonna play / do things...might have to Bite Th...

Ron Trent - Jazz Funk Freedom

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ron Trent - Jazz Funk Freedom: Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this classic jazz / funk / house track from Ron Trent...damn!! its called Jazz Funk Freedom......

Lou Donaldson “Brother Soul”

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….listening to a little bit of everything tonight…jazz, funk, hip hop, house music….drum and bass…but caught up in this old school jazz cut ; Lou Donaldson’s Brother Soul…these cats are playing!!

Lou Donaldson “Brother Soul” « Whats Really Going On?

I Should Have Known

Caught out there on intergalactic journeys out beyond Pluto / Mars; or even on I-85 or I-20...whatcha know? rolling on Greyhound or the Megabus?...damn!!! I should have flown! 

Caught out there dealing with a fanatic; like Apple vs Samsung..I don't play around with them... lessons? I still learn these...but damn!!  I should have known! 

Now its going down;  the super / slick lawyer Ed Garland said the train has left the station 

....referring to the Ray Lewis case in Atlanta back in the day; meanwhile some feel the pain from the ongoing confusion / frustration! 

Act like you knew this..storms will blow through like Isaac..winning or losing? whats the situation? understand that it can go either way!

.......choosing to take the assignment like Ethan Hunt...that's per Mission Impossible should have known how these jokers would play! 

Anything is possible...we keep it Lance Armstrong we gather and they should have known I would pray!! that's the way I make it! 

Anything is possible.....they said its all love; but its the devil some dance with.. I stay strong...I should have known they would fake it! 

I should have known there's no break from it; like Gambia executions....chaos and confusion is everywhere! 

I should have known....checked out the plots and schemes...the plan executions..seeing that its easy to get caught up....all up in the system / matrix; ...some said there's no where to run or hide...why even go there?

I should have known...some would flip like Jeffrey Johnson up by the Empire State Building...

We keep it moving...we're going on with our bad selves...but it "ain't nothing nice" ...we had to sacrifice...we're not stopping or yielding 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Moombahton Mix For August 2012: The Dooze Jackers « Whats Really Going On?

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this slamming August 2012 Moombahton mix featuring Montreal Canada’s Dooze Jackers.
Moombahton Mix For August 2012: The Dooze Jackers « Whats Really Going On?

Random Thoughts / Mission Statement

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Random Thoughts / Mission Statement: Thoughts are collected like debt by bill collectors; check out these Random Thoughts!  This is the mission statement...unlike Apple vs Sa...

The Workshop (Part One)

O-Dizzle is getting busy; mechanical engineering takes place..he's taking things to another level; all up in the workshop! 

The reign began with a drizzle...word from Hurricane check the social engineering from jokers like the Koch Brothers; an idle mind was the devil's workshop! 

The shadetree mechanic said his work was on another level; he said its hot like July was up in St Louis! 

A shady fanatic was wreaking havoc from South City in the STL to the West Side in the ATL;  the last part of his first name was Tavious!

A fanatic said I was misbehaving like Lance Armstrong with this.. plus the street committee has their opinion!

During the debatable circumstance I tried to stay strong..I was trying to learn to let go and let God; since he runs this and that dominion! 

Being built or torn down? the building is burning due to the disco inferno; the devil was looking for dancers! 

Some were yielding to caught up in an unpleasant situation; waiting or looking for answers! 

Doctors look for cancerous UN Inspectors in Iran;  Cancer was the Suns position when I wrote this...then it moved to Leo! 

Now its moved to Virgo...who will work with a bro? as doctors get a taste of their own medicine; that's what they get for messing
with a fly negro! 

The workshop is going down; reality is teaching us lessons..Negro please!!! that was the response; a hot mess with this thing?

The workshop is going down; Funk Seminars are conducted and Random Thoughts are we do the damn thing!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

DJ Khaled – Hip Hop feat. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier « Whats Really Going On?

 Digital Crate Digging Continues…back on some hip hop…checking out these veterans Scarface and Nas with DJ Premier.. on DJ Khaled‘s Hip Hop track off his upcoming Kiss The Ring project..

DJ Khaled – Hip Hop feat. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier « Whats Really Going On?

End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session

 Its the end of the summer...some have gone back to school...but reality will give us crash courses; class is in session!

Fatalities tabulated in the warfare when these jokers act a fool; its going down from Louisville to the ATL...from Kandahar to Damascus; due to the aggression! 

Hostile territories are run by thought and fashion police; just like Assad in Syria...don't ask us what the country can do for you; what can you do for the country?

Hot styles tell this story; warm enough to make Arctic Sea Ice shrink...breakbeat scientific principles are followed; but some act like they're done with me! 

My files were dusty...others weren't really checking for me..I was overlooked! 

Maybe because I ignore those chefs in hells kitchen; the meals aren't nutritious and the beef is overcooked!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session

Boot Camp / Basic Training

O-Zone is like the Drill Sargent Therapist on the Geico commercial! 

O-Dizzle is rocking don't stop; like James Holmes in Aurora...nothing fair about love or war ...this is boot camp / basic training; who will work with a bro? 

The reign began with a drizzle...but whats up Holmes?  there's still a drought like out in the some clique up like the Boot Camp Click..Buckshot and them; others will roll solo! 

Plans fizzle...things fall apart like Rep. Todd Akin running off at the mouth...hit the reset button!! but the young buck shot up in the air like he was shooting at God...what did he know?

....As we go there....things are odd...noticing circumstances are debatable?  are we being built or torn down? 

....As we go there...noticing egos are deflatable; mamby pamby residents yield to temptation...walls are torn down! 

Basic training taught us society will hate on a bruh like they do Obama ....they didn't turn the level of scorn down! 

Running from the devil like the Ohio Players song; boot camp got us in shape!! but he was gaining on South African authorities against miners in Johannesburg....he was throwing down! 

Its going down!! but boot camp and basic training was received in Newburg / Louisville!

Its going down!! from the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenburg food stamps, weed, drank and reality checks were part of the currency;  that's the deal! 

"I know dats right" said old girl down here in Georgia;  word to the basic training!

"That ain't right" said the the Georgia red clay represents bloodshed; Let The Healing Process peeps were in pain again! 

Listening to Freddie Hubbards Red Clay...whose caught out there in the rain again?  trying to run for shelter..but some were in the way! 

The boot camp / basic training didn't do them any good; they still lack stamina...they didn't back away from the buffet!

....Waiting in the dark; a boot placed on the tires of the Range they're caught on the security camera; they didn't play it right! 

Police vehicles were waiting in park; who has an alibi?  but boot camp / basic training won't make them say it right!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Yeah..Right!!: I heard what was said; some run off at the mouth like Paul Ryan ..or maybe even Rep. Todd Akin ... I had to tell them...yeah..right! I hea...

Hows That Working For You?

Whats really going on? like my Wordpress site...inquiring minds want to know!!

I see how that's going down; some try to work the press...running off at the mouth like Rep. Todd how is that working for you? whatcha know? 

Trying to go with the flow..the status quo; soon like West Nile symptoms their body is aching...its easy to get blown away in the wind! 

Others will just let you go; meanwhile O-Dizzle's style is funky...he'll go for what he knows;  just playing a funky blend!

The reign began with a like Damascus there's heavy the high winds and heavy rain is falling! 

No pain no gain was the cliche / mantra; just trying to maintain..but one who can't stand the pain is falling! 

Its like a California wildfire...for some the shot clock will expire..whats up? bath salts..the weed, drank or cocaine is calling some who are suffering! 

Play at your own risk...the domain awareness system is in full affect..but some don't have high speed Internet; the website is buffering! 

Play at your own risk per The Planet check out how O-Dizzle will need for the rogaine..he rocks the baldy..but when this funk is dropped a naysayer said its nothing!

The floppy disc was replaced with a flash drive; like Michael Jackson some "wanna be starting something"

The poppy seed by product is flowing free from Afghanistan; so how is that working for you? 

Papi in Gwinnett County is the man!! with product from Mexico and you thought he was working for you?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bob James- One Mint Julep

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this classic Bob James…One Mint Julep…off  his Bob James Three album….the players?
That’s like a Dream Team of contemporary jazz….check this out…
Bob James- One Mint Julep « Whats Really Going On?

I'll See Them When I See Them (The Sonic Assault Edition)

Whats the deal? like I mentioned at my Random Thoughts spot..I had to tell them I'll see them when I see them.

I was posted up in the lab...wasn't worried about Augusta National and Condi Rice.....Qaddafi payed the I wasn't acting random.. who will rock with me? I'm working on plans to free them! 

Its all about freedom; big homie asked...freedom from what? 

They were talking from a position of power....they already had it made...they cut deals with the corrupt!

But that will dry up like the Mississippi River...that's whats up;  meanwhile the saga / struggle continues as the thought / fashion police continue to patrol!

That's whats up on these menus prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; haters try to peep game; seeing what the deal is with checking for Syria's chemical weapons? they try to see how a fashion Sandinista is trying to roll! 

Please!! like in Russia ..some are trying to start a Pussy Peace Corp or Vista volunteers were needed in the danger zone!

Plus its Army Corp of Engineers vs social engineers;  don't even try it..use discretion or you'll become a clone! 

Mechanical engineers were in despair..couldn't dip in the GMC Envoy or Chevy Trail Blazer due to recalls...another joker said he kept it pimping...he said he balls!! but these breakbeat scientists developed a profession of their own;  we can build or destroy! 

Whatcha know?  loathing and fearing was the procedure...all up in the spot I see them but wouldn't want to be them; so its sonic troops we deploy! 

The Sonic Assault is the ploy used; boy please was the response! 

Hell is caught; now some are drunk, smoked out, or on bath salts;  told them I see them when I see them...that was my response!

James Blood Ulmer "Theme from Captain Black" 1979

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: James Blood Ulmer "Theme from Captain Black" 1979: Digital Crate Digging Continues / In conjunction with what I listen to at work.....listening to WREK ..Georgia Tech's radio station earlier....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wayne Shorter - Black Nile

Sunday Jazz this is a hot track!! Wayne Shorter with a cut called Black Nile

...of course Mr. Shorter is playing that tenor saxophone....with Lee Morgan (trumpet)....McCoy Tyner (piano); Reggie Workman (bass) and  Elvin Jones (drums) helping him out

...ladies and gentlemen? that's an all star line up!! check this out!!

Thievery Corporation – Live at KCRW (2011)

 Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out  one of my favorites …the Thievery Corporation….all the way live… 89.9 KCRW an Internet Public Radio station at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica California..where they were interviewed…plus performed

Thievery Corporation – Live at KCRW (2011) « Whats Really Going On?

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Boss on the boot - Odessa -...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kruder & Dorfmeister - Boss on the boot - Odessa -...: Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out this  smooth jazz / funk / break beat / hip hop mix or EP from Austrian duo Kruder and Dorfmeister .......

Change / Strange

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Change / Strange: Changes were being made...its strange.. were some being misled?   these jokers were full of surprises!  Change or be changed was the clich...

Total Chaos; Outraged By The Destruction /Corruptiom

The storm did major damage; now like in Syria some are outraged by the destruction!

 Even if the process was great white sharks on the endangered species list...or maybe even brothas...(dropping feces with this)...when I "holla atcha"  I'm outraged by the corruption! 

Authorities claim their outraged by the justice obstruction like Julian charges are trumped up! 

Territories are claimed by carpetbaggers; other territories were enlarged due to gospel singers per Donald Lawrence...but expect interference...some will get fired by Donald Trump; so whats up?

Check this gospel according to O-Zone...when I tell these stories its all game; like in Spades..holding trump cards because God is blessing us! 

Beats and English? I broke these..due to the system stressing us!

Streets are filled with those that feel anguish; some are in a state of despair and turmoil! 

Defeats and failures are imminent after chefs from hells kitchen had farmers plant crops in fertile soil! 

Melting pots boil......soon some are intoxicated by the drugs / liquor..dancing; spotted at Alive After Five at the Epicenter in Charlotte! 

Blood clots spoil the flow...the movement;  high cholesterol? bad is how the heart will get! 

Were all up in the spot!! in the heart of it..the Total Chaos and
Whats up with it?  little homie asked....I told him I peeped game; I was outraged by the destruction / corruption! 

Whats up son? it was like Hurricane Gordon headed toward the Azores...whats up with these? I asked him...during the storm he fires gunshots into the sky!

Like he was shooting at him a warning?  the one that can straighten out the mess were in; that's no lie!

Now global warming has the ice on glaciers melting from Alaska to the Himalayas... 

Meanwhile we span the globe brainstorming...dropping breakbeat science on these co called hustlers and players... 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Matrix & Futurebound - Move On (feat. Cat Knight)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some more drum and bass..courtesy of Liquicity...listening to Matrix and Futurebound featuring Cat Knight with a track called Move On...good advice..check it out...

Panda Drum & Bass Mix Show August 2012: Livewire

 Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out another Panda Drum and Bass Mix..this one features Livewire from over in the London area…

Panda Drum & Bass Mix Show August 2012: Livewire « Whats Really Going On?

The Big Bang Theory...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Big Bang Theory...: Head on collisions will cause the big were at the CERN.   Head on collisions were due to mind blowing decisions per Heatwave...

Gregory Porter “When Did You Learn

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….listening to some “grown folks” music…checking out Gregory Porter’s When Did You Learn…..

Gregory Porter “When Did You Learn_” « Whats Really Going On?

Commix & Logistics - Cold Kiss

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Commix & Logistics - Cold Kiss: Digital Crate Digging Continues...listening to this nice and smooth drum and bass track from Commix and Logistics called Cold Kiss...nice co...

The I-20 Chronicles; The Saga / Struggle Continues

Check out these I-20 Chronicles...the Saga / Struggle Continues; confirmed by the old church mother plus the old school church deacon; all up the amen corner! 

..Also confirmed by chefs in hells kitchen preparing menus and street committee members standing on the corner!

Everybody has a plan.... like for they go the melting pot boils over on the back burner; social engineers try to find another recipe or formula!

Some felt the weather!! its hot like St. Louis was in July..why lie? just causing Total Chaos and turmoil; who will take a loss? please!!  Al Roker predicted another storm for ya!

Others said whatever...acting brand new with this..we probably ran across a foul joker whose just caught up in the system! 

Whether you do or don't somebody damned it; the style of a stock broker selling worthless shares of the company called misery!! or misrepresenting like Emory University...whats the how you living? 

Left out in the cold shivering..asking the question...who will work with me?  as you Rage Against The Paul Ryan? Tom Morello said somebody is lying!

Dipping down I-20 in the the domain awareness system up and running like in New York? so whats up? the saga/ struggle continues....we kept on running and gunning like D Wade and Lebron...its on...we'll keep trying...

How did some work this?  like Pussy Riot vs Vladimir Putin?  nobody was forgiving...please!!  that was wishful thinking! 

The systems main mission is to hurt this; whose wishing it was a simple thing? 

All systems were go was the word from the command center; now some are cavalier like Max Payne!

 Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...the saga / struggle continues...jokers try to make sure you experience maximum pain!

Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - My Way feat. Diane Charlemagne

Digital Crate Digging Continues...rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to 91.9 WCLK...they've been rocking this cut by Joey Negro and The Sunburst Band featuring Diane Charlemagne called My Way...nice and funky!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breakshift - Aurora Nova

Digital Crate Digging Continues....listening to another offering from Liquicity ....checking out Breakshift's cut called Aurora takes you out there!! check it out!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

McCoy Tyner Trio plus Freddie Hubbard & Joe Henderson – Inner Glimpse

Sunday Jazz Continues….Checking out the McCoy Tyner Trio….featuring Mr. Tyner on piano…Louis Hayes on drums and Avery Sharpe on bass

….joined by Freddie Hubbard on trumpet and Joe Henderson on tenor sax…so I guess you can just call it a quintet…the song is called Inner Glimpse

…picked this up off of You Tube….the comments mentioned that  the drummer Louis Hayes was pushing the tempo too fast….sounds good to me!! check this out….

McCoy Tyner Trio plus Freddie Hubbard & Joe Henderson – Inner Glimpse « Whats Really Going On?

Joe Henderson - Invitation

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out this smooth track called Invitation from  tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson...Don Friedman (piano); Ron Carter (bass) and  Jack De Johnette (drums) are helping him extend the invitation....check this out...

The Deliberate Falsehood Mixture / Scripture

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Deliberate Falsehood Mixture / Scripture: Doctors were getting a taste of their own medicine; they were even asking me.. whats the prognosis?  Were rocking this breakbeat scientifi...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marinating / Still Soaking Up Game...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Marinating / Still Soaking Up Game...: Chilling....marinating like I was in the Frigidaire;  with rub and sauce on me!  Dealing with jokers who are hating...rolling like Romney...

Filthy Drum and Bass Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Filthy Drum and Bass Mix: Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Filthy Drum and Bass Mix..check out the tracklist... 1. RoughSketch - No More Loop .....

Lets Get It Started

What's the deal? I see its Romney and Ryan...per old girl up in Louisville..somebody is lying!! now Obama is borrowing a line from MC Hammer; Lets Get It Started! 

....Or maybe the Black Eyed Peas version...whatever is working...while listening to some old Temptations...what becomes of the broken hearted? that love has departed.....some said it didn't live here anymore like Rose Royce! 

Some even had the nerve to play the Negro National Anthem..they say freedom will ring; so they lift every voice! 

I see them.....wouldn't want to be them; so of course this will be a bit messy! 

I heard somebody say I know dats right!! that was word from old girl over in Decatur Georgia; who will start with a bruh...trying to test me? 

The Lord blessed me though; I ignored a hater..per Freddie Hubbard I spotted the First Light! 

Not on one accord with everybody; while others show hunger and thirst for this insight!

..... In the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry I stay in flight from I-64 in St Louis to I-77 in Charlotte! 

The Yamaha keyboards and Roland drum machine provided fuel; now I'm ready to get it started! 

Were all up in the spot!! in the heart of Iran the earth is shaking..were caught up in the system / matrix; but staying on one accord with the Master is the plan!

 Lets Get It Started!! were putting it down...following the master plan!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kenny Dorham – Blue Friday

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….its been a Blue Friday…Kenny Dorham  agreed….he had a song about it..he played the trumpet…Tommy Flanagan (p) Paul Chambers (b) Art Taylor (d) helped him out….wanna hear it? here it is!!
Kenny Dorham – Blue Friday « Whats Really Going On?

Pryda - 'Vega'

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Pryda - 'Vega': Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this smooth house track from Pryda aka Eric Prydz called Vega...

Its Not What You Know Its Who You Know!

I heard what was said; it was the cliche..its not what you know but who you know!

I heard what was said...a deliberate falsehood? please!! its tight in these hoods...but the word on the curb was that dude was a fly negro! 

Scrambling like Tiger Woods at the PGA...Speaker Boxx  / Love Below style like OutKast!!  with herbs and spices like K-2 and bath salts! 

Speaker of the house?...tricky like John Boehner!!  ..or even like Jared Loughner trying to out blast Arizona we hit hostile territories with this math and Sonic Assaults!

....All up in the house like James Holmes in Aurora...a high scorer? or just a hater that halts the ongoing progress being made?...some will even say your dead like John Witherspoon...please!!  some of us had to go back to square one! 

O-Zone halts the ongoing stress; going for what he knows...O-Dizzle has a funky tune..he sent a message with the drum! 

Ho hum said a bored one!! apparently on a different page;  but I still go for what I know! 

Another joker said its a waste of slick like Goldman Sachs; its not what you know but who you know!

....As we go for what we know....keeping it moving..we had to sacrifice..O-Zone did it my way like Frank Sinatra...

....As we go for what we know...breakbeat science is dropped when we holla atcha...

We're back with ya...check us out...we're dipping like Usain intergalactic like the Curiosity Mars Rover...   

We're back with ya...ignored the irrational...talking about its not what you know who you know...we continue to put it down until its all over...

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Matrix & Futurebound 200K Mix

Digital Crate Digging about hearing a DJ mix? lets check out Matrix and Futurebound's 200k Mix....courtesy of Liquicity  check out the tracklist....

0:00 Afrojack & Shermanology - Can't Stop Me (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) 3:00 Matrix & Futurebound - Move On (feat. Cat Knight) 4:20 Netsky - Detonate 5:20 Metrik - Engine Room 5:00 Kove - Iodine 6:40 ??? 7:00 Kove - Sleep It Off 8:20 Moving Fusion - Attention 10:00 Culture Shock - Troglodyte 10:20 Culture Shock - I Remember 12:30 Smooth - Cosmos

Laying In The Cut / Waiting For The Smoke To Clear...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Laying In The Cut / Waiting For The Smoke To Clear...: I was chilling.....laying in the cut; reflecting..contemplating!  Suspicions were confirmed; like Standard Chartered Bank jokers were sh...

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dealing With Glitches In The Matrix; Now Getting Back In Sync

Dealing with glitches in the matrix..spotted snitches that fake it...caught out in storms like Ernesto in the trying to get back in sync; trying to catch up on my pimping! 

The saga / struggle continues; like trying to beat Usain Bolt ....I'm wishing it was a simple thing! 

"Pimping ain't easy" ...its not a thing of beauty..that's what old dude told me!

Putting in work like Frank Edgar...what can I tell ya? I'm trying to do my duty; but store clerks were rude...I'm at the service desk returning what they sold me!

I'm in the same business!! check the clearance rack epiphanies are turned like A123....please!!  I even relocated! 

Whats the business?  whats the deally?  jokers banned me from Blogster; those folks hated! 

Now resources are re- allocated...I kept it moving;  even though I had to sacrifice! 

Posted up like Dwight Howard!! Whats Really Going On? now I'm at Wordpress still fighting a coward...I heard they were stressed;  it ain't nothing nice! 

Whose paying the price after the drama came to their front door?  like the shooting at the Sikh temple?

Sacred grounds were violated; the devil hated.....Charlie Daniels said he was down here in Georgia! but he's everywhere...its not that simple...

Who faked it? said they were in the Lion's Den like Daniel but they forged the documents! 

Authorities staked out the crib...somebody's lying like Mitt Romney we have fresh visions of rocking it! 

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch....trying to get back in sync!

Knocked off balance by glitches in the matrix...bumping heads with Agent Smith and other flagrant Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Venus Transits in June plus Mercury Retrogrades were part of the charades...disaster?  it seems were on the brink!

 Knocked off balance by glitches in the matrix...but I kept the link open; Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry! 

O-Dizzle rocked out...O-Zone drops this good word...I'm trying to get back in sync;  dude said why ask why?

Monday, August 06, 2012

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Do What You Wanna - Ramsey Lewis, Mr. Scruff's Sou...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Do What You Wanna - Ramsey Lewis, Mr. Scruff's Sou...: Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on that Verve Remixed...checking out Verve Remixed 2 from 2003...Do What You Wanna by Ramsey Lewis r...

Ella Fitzgerald - Slap That Bass (Miguel Migs petalpusher remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still checking out The Verve Remixed Series..jazz classics mixed into funk, house or hip hop masterpieces

...this is from Verve Remixed 2 from 2003...Miguel Migs remixing Ella Fitzgerald's Slap That Bass..nice...

Goldie: Kemistry

Digital Crate Digging Continues…still checking out Goldie’s Timeless project…that sound is definitely timeless!! checking out Kemistry….

Goldie: Kemistry « Whats Really Going On?

Whats The Deal? I Had My Doubts About It...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whats The Deal? I Had My Doubts About It...: They said they had a good deal for us; they said we would save money!  Please!!  I had my doubts about it; they were going all out with ...

Glitches In The Matrix; They Didn't Go Away

Whats really going on?  like my blog on Wordpress ...I heard some are stressed...were dealing with glitches in the matrix! 

Things got hot like the extreme heat this summer...whats up with ya? in the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors these snitches try to fake it!

The  climate will change...its no joke; who you rolling with? soon under attack like Sikhs in did you respond son? drones and satellites will track down the non believers! 

Curiosity Rovers land on Mars...insecure ones try to heal scars..its no joke; danger zones get hit up from the sands of the Middle East like in Syria to the ATL; home of the wannabe macks and divas! 

Its no joke; spotted the stranger who was one of the clones in comfort zones...where slackers and under achievers reside! 

La La and mamby pamby land residents found out there's no benevolence....due to ongoing glitches in the matrix...please!! that's per The Architect...whats up with that? there's no where to run or hide! 

Whats the deal with this?  we manage to slide through the portal;  rolling in the hooptie down Memorial Drive in Decatur / Stone Mountain! 

......Listening to Bobbi Humphrey's Harlem River Drive; ignored a hater and the position they were found in!

 O-Dizzle is humping like the middle of the week; a beat breaker ....back on that funky sound again! 

Plans fizzle; jokers act brand new with me..needing back up per Black Ops; Call of Duty?  please!!  its always something due to glitches in the matrix....that come around again! 

We dipped but we came back around; once again!! ignored the glitches in the matrix! 

We keep it moving but we had to sacrifice;  plus we ignored these snitches that tried to fake it!