Sunday, August 05, 2012


It was from one extreme to another; I was way way out there; trying to find the middle! 

Jokers were like Jared Loughner or maybe like James Holmes in Aurora..trying to plot and scheme;  but I was able to solve the riddle! 

Jokers were plotting and scheming like Boehner and McConnell..hoping that Obama will fail but he whats up Holmes? I was wise to the whole set up..... now were rolling; I can't let up! 

I had to center myself....gain my I go there.... O-Dizzle is moving to the beat of a different drum; I can't let up! 

I had to center others I was knocked off balance by the Uranus / Pluto square....damn!! jokers even told me time was up; I had to provide the proper documentation! 

Damn!! calls were placed to Minister Chicago violence /crime is up...due to storms time was up at Lollapalooza...whose acting brand new with ya?  people are struggling....but O-Dizzle is beat juggling; with intentions to rock the nation! 

What is O-Dizzle on?...Curiosity was shown like George...actually he's international...but actually he's universal! 

From Pluto to Mars;  intergalactic with it....please!! just like the Mars Curiosity Rover...the game is not Isley Bros he has work to do! 

Whatcha know?  they ask a bro...I'm just healing scars during the healing process; please!!  they said nobody will work with you! 

They weren't really checking for me; some told me we never heard of you! 

Disrespected by the apparatus /matrix  like Neo vs Agent Smith... that's what the word on the curb will do;  but I'm not mad at them!

I had to center myself; scattered thoughts are selected at random as I gain my equilibrium!

I had to center myself...meanwhile jokers were ho humming / slacking while I was putting work in! 

Per Jamie Dimon shady stock brokers from Wall Street to y'alls street were drumming up business; looking for busters and marks..... they're putting work in! 

Meanwhile I'm working on gaining my equilibrium; a bruh is drumming up beats and bringing this good word! 

Working it out like Willie Hutch mentioned; broke..but I can pay heard?

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