Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Played Ourselves

Damn! I took a look around; like Romney accusing Obama of slacking.. we might have played ourselves! 

Like miners being charged with murder by South Africans...we're caught up in the system / matrix...they say we didnt behave ourselves!

Like George Huguely...the system / prosecution even announced sentences; time was on shelves... plus there was some being served! 

It gets ugly when dealing with the persecution; but we went on with our bad selves!! out on I-20 in Atlanta we swerved! 

......Or maybe we'll roll out on 101 in San Francisco or up on I-75 in Detroit! 

Whats really going on? please!!  after Jackson Hole?....we found out these contracts were null and void! 

In danger zones?  contacts tried to fill the void..they were drunk, smoked out, or on those bath salts! 

....Others caught the second hand smoke; meanwhile O-Zone heard what was said...he was catching the joke; while O-Dizzle broke beats; check the math from these Sonic Assaults! 

Its no joke..peeped game...the deliberate falsehood was being at the Republican National Convention...we respond to the onslaught from the apparatus! 

...Listening to French Montana....Everything's A Go;  but did we play ourselves? check the status! 

Jokers holla at us!! throwing passes like Joe Montana; some of us caught them....we fell for it! 

Whats up man?  traffic was held up...we were on I-285 in Atlanta caught behind a Pontiac Montana van...or a Subaru Outback.....following another mans plan? we fell for it! 

The embellishment had a spell on it; R.I.P Chris Lighty..some might understand a bruh ....outback witches and warlocks dealt with it!

They said the Lord blessed it....but they were false prophets with the deliberate falsehood; like they've been smoking backwoods...their words were taken lightly..some might have felt it! 

Some were on one accord with it; said they were putting it down!! but they tested false positive..acting false in the hood?  soon they played themselves! 

Now due to the False Positive comics...they're out there.. paying the price they can't afford;  should have ignored the joker that said go on with your bad selves!

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