Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Should Have Known

Caught out there on intergalactic journeys out beyond Pluto / Mars; or even on I-85 or I-20...whatcha know? rolling on Greyhound or the Megabus?...damn!!! I should have flown! 

Caught out there dealing with a fanatic; like Apple vs Samsung..I don't play around with them... lessons? I still learn these...but damn!!  I should have known! 

Now its going down;  the super / slick lawyer Ed Garland said the train has left the station 

....referring to the Ray Lewis case in Atlanta back in the day; meanwhile some feel the pain from the ongoing confusion / frustration! 

Act like you knew this..storms will blow through like Isaac..winning or losing? whats the situation? understand that it can go either way!

.......choosing to take the assignment like Ethan Hunt...that's per Mission Impossible should have known how these jokers would play! 

Anything is possible...we keep it Lance Armstrong we gather and they should have known I would pray!! that's the way I make it! 

Anything is possible.....they said its all love; but its the devil some dance with.. I stay strong...I should have known they would fake it! 

I should have known there's no break from it; like Gambia executions....chaos and confusion is everywhere! 

I should have known....checked out the plots and schemes...the plan executions..seeing that its easy to get caught up....all up in the system / matrix; ...some said there's no where to run or hide...why even go there?

I should have known...some would flip like Jeffrey Johnson up by the Empire State Building...

We keep it moving...we're going on with our bad selves...but it "ain't nothing nice" ...we had to sacrifice...we're not stopping or yielding 

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