Friday, August 10, 2012

Its Not What You Know Its Who You Know!

I heard what was said; it was the cliche..its not what you know but who you know!

I heard what was said...a deliberate falsehood? please!! its tight in these hoods...but the word on the curb was that dude was a fly negro! 

Scrambling like Tiger Woods at the PGA...Speaker Boxx  / Love Below style like OutKast!!  with herbs and spices like K-2 and bath salts! 

Speaker of the house?...tricky like John Boehner!!  ..or even like Jared Loughner trying to out blast Arizona we hit hostile territories with this math and Sonic Assaults!

....All up in the house like James Holmes in Aurora...a high scorer? or just a hater that halts the ongoing progress being made?...some will even say your dead like John Witherspoon...please!!  some of us had to go back to square one! 

O-Zone halts the ongoing stress; going for what he knows...O-Dizzle has a funky tune..he sent a message with the drum! 

Ho hum said a bored one!! apparently on a different page;  but I still go for what I know! 

Another joker said its a waste of slick like Goldman Sachs; its not what you know but who you know!

....As we go for what we know....keeping it moving..we had to sacrifice..O-Zone did it my way like Frank Sinatra...

....As we go for what we know...breakbeat science is dropped when we holla atcha...

We're back with ya...check us out...we're dipping like Usain intergalactic like the Curiosity Mars Rover...   

We're back with ya...ignored the irrational...talking about its not what you know who you know...we continue to put it down until its all over...

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