Friday, August 24, 2012

The Workshop

O-Dizzle is getting busy; mechanical engineering takes place..he's taking things to another level; all up in the workshop! 

The reign began with a drizzle...word from Hurricane check the social engineering from jokers like the Koch Brothers; an idle mind was the devil's workshop! 

The shadetree mechanic said his work was on another level; he said its hot like July was up in St Louis! 

A shady fanatic was wreaking havoc from South City in the STL to the West Side in the ATL;  the last part of his first name was Tavious!

A fanatic said I was misbehaving like Lance Armstrong with this.. plus the street committee has their opinion!

During the debatable circumstance I tried to stay strong..I was trying to learn to let go and let God; since he runs this and that dominion! 

Being built or torn down? the building is burning due to the disco inferno; the devil was looking for dancers! 

Some were yielding to caught up in an unpleasant situation; waiting or looking for answers! 

Doctors look for cancerous UN Inspectors in Iran;  Cancer was the Suns position when I wrote this...then it moved to Leo! 

Now its moved to Virgo...who will work with a bro? as doctors get a taste of their own medicine; that's what they get for messing
with a fly negro! 

The workshop is going down; reality is teaching us lessons..Negro please!!! that was the response; a hot mess with this thing?

The workshop is going down; Funk Seminars are conducted and Random Thoughts are we do the damn thing!



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