Saturday, August 18, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles; The Saga / Struggle Continues

Check out these I-20 Chronicles...the Saga / Struggle Continues; confirmed by the old church mother plus the old school church deacon; all up the amen corner! 

..Also confirmed by chefs in hells kitchen preparing menus and street committee members standing on the corner!

Everybody has a plan.... like for they go the melting pot boils over on the back burner; social engineers try to find another recipe or formula!

Some felt the weather!! its hot like St. Louis was in July..why lie? just causing Total Chaos and turmoil; who will take a loss? please!!  Al Roker predicted another storm for ya!

Others said whatever...acting brand new with this..we probably ran across a foul joker whose just caught up in the system! 

Whether you do or don't somebody damned it; the style of a stock broker selling worthless shares of the company called misery!! or misrepresenting like Emory University...whats the how you living? 

Left out in the cold shivering..asking the question...who will work with me?  as you Rage Against The Paul Ryan? Tom Morello said somebody is lying!

Dipping down I-20 in the the domain awareness system up and running like in New York? so whats up? the saga/ struggle continues....we kept on running and gunning like D Wade and Lebron...its on...we'll keep trying...

How did some work this?  like Pussy Riot vs Vladimir Putin?  nobody was forgiving...please!!  that was wishful thinking! 

The systems main mission is to hurt this; whose wishing it was a simple thing? 

All systems were go was the word from the command center; now some are cavalier like Max Payne!

 Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...the saga / struggle continues...jokers try to make sure you experience maximum pain!

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