Sunday, August 26, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles; Marinating..But Soon? In Transtion.....

I was chilling like chicken and ribs in the refrigerator with rub on them; just in time for the Labor Day holiday?  I was marinating! 

Chilling like a cold drink in the Frigidaire...but soon we'll go there....dipping down I-20 from the A-Town to Augusta..were in transition / circulating!

 Jokers acted like they were in Tampa at conventions like Republicans vs Obama...blocking like William Refrigerator Perry; .....I'm not playing around with those Busters or Herbs...they're in a circle hating

....they're throwing salt in the game! we "Can't Truss It" per Public Enemy...a brotha curbs his appetite like I did the broke down Oldsmobile Delta 88..once again...

A brotha knows what the deal is...but some said the joke is on us...we're caught up in the game 

....caught up in the system /matrix...we were getting played by gamblers out for a fast buck also known as corporations; rolling like Barclays and Libor....during conversations some told me that its all game!

 ....Plus snitches were rambling off names and dates..they even got loud like Charles Barkley...then they dipped in a fast truck after they were paid off! 

Switches and triggers were pulled by types like  James Holmes out in Aurora due to bad luck; meanwhile others got laid off! 

They even played me off like this is nothing..but I shine lights like the Aurora Borealis! 

Back in the day I dipped through Louisville in the Buick Regal; in the ATL I was in the Olds Cut Dog or Olds Aurora...also out on Pluto and Mars in the Neil Armstrong walking on the I know what the deal is! 

Now aura wasn't enhanced like Lance Armstrong...rolling up I-20 listening to Kiss 104 in Atlanta then Kiss 96.3 in Augusta...that's whats up with a bruh....these days minding my business; horror and terror from shady characters is exhibited ...all up in the spot! 

Similar to Hill of Horror in Johannesburg...but a Louisville / Newburg brotha will soon emerge....circulating / in transition;  universal movements is how we deal with it...soon were all over the spot!

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