Sunday, August 19, 2012

Total Chaos; Outraged By The Destruction /Corruptiom

The storm did major damage; now like in Syria some are outraged by the destruction!

 Even if the process was great white sharks on the endangered species list...or maybe even brothas...(dropping feces with this)...when I "holla atcha"  I'm outraged by the corruption! 

Authorities claim their outraged by the justice obstruction like Julian charges are trumped up! 

Territories are claimed by carpetbaggers; other territories were enlarged due to gospel singers per Donald Lawrence...but expect interference...some will get fired by Donald Trump; so whats up?

Check this gospel according to O-Zone...when I tell these stories its all game; like in Spades..holding trump cards because God is blessing us! 

Beats and English? I broke these..due to the system stressing us!

Streets are filled with those that feel anguish; some are in a state of despair and turmoil! 

Defeats and failures are imminent after chefs from hells kitchen had farmers plant crops in fertile soil! 

Melting pots boil......soon some are intoxicated by the drugs / liquor..dancing; spotted at Alive After Five at the Epicenter in Charlotte! 

Blood clots spoil the flow...the movement;  high cholesterol? bad is how the heart will get! 

Were all up in the spot!! in the heart of it..the Total Chaos and
Whats up with it?  little homie asked....I told him I peeped game; I was outraged by the destruction / corruption! 

Whats up son? it was like Hurricane Gordon headed toward the Azores...whats up with these? I asked him...during the storm he fires gunshots into the sky!

Like he was shooting at him a warning?  the one that can straighten out the mess were in; that's no lie!

Now global warming has the ice on glaciers melting from Alaska to the Himalayas... 

Meanwhile we span the globe brainstorming...dropping breakbeat science on these co called hustlers and players... 


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