Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lets Get It Started

What's the deal? I see its Romney and Ryan...per old girl up in Louisville..somebody is lying!! now Obama is borrowing a line from MC Hammer; Lets Get It Started! 

....Or maybe the Black Eyed Peas version...whatever is working...while listening to some old Temptations...what becomes of the broken hearted? that love has departed.....some said it didn't live here anymore like Rose Royce! 

Some even had the nerve to play the Negro National Anthem..they say freedom will ring; so they lift every voice! 

I see them.....wouldn't want to be them; so of course this will be a bit messy! 

I heard somebody say I know dats right!! that was word from old girl over in Decatur Georgia; who will start with a bruh...trying to test me? 

The Lord blessed me though; I ignored a hater..per Freddie Hubbard I spotted the First Light! 

Not on one accord with everybody; while others show hunger and thirst for this insight!

..... In the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry I stay in flight from I-64 in St Louis to I-77 in Charlotte! 

The Yamaha keyboards and Roland drum machine provided fuel; now I'm ready to get it started! 

Were all up in the spot!! in the heart of Iran the earth is shaking..were caught up in the system / matrix; but staying on one accord with the Master is the plan!

 Lets Get It Started!! were putting it down...following the master plan!

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