Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll See Them When I See Them (The Sonic Assault Edition)

Whats the deal? like I mentioned at my Random Thoughts spot..I had to tell them I'll see them when I see them.

I was posted up in the lab...wasn't worried about Augusta National and Condi Rice.....Qaddafi payed the I wasn't acting random.. who will rock with me? I'm working on plans to free them! 

Its all about freedom; big homie asked...freedom from what? 

They were talking from a position of power....they already had it made...they cut deals with the corrupt!

But that will dry up like the Mississippi River...that's whats up;  meanwhile the saga / struggle continues as the thought / fashion police continue to patrol!

That's whats up on these menus prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; haters try to peep game; seeing what the deal is with checking for Syria's chemical weapons? they try to see how a fashion Sandinista is trying to roll! 

Please!! like in Russia ..some are trying to start a Pussy Peace Corp or Vista volunteers were needed in the danger zone!

Plus its Army Corp of Engineers vs social engineers;  don't even try it..use discretion or you'll become a clone! 

Mechanical engineers were in despair..couldn't dip in the GMC Envoy or Chevy Trail Blazer due to recalls...another joker said he kept it pimping...he said he balls!! but these breakbeat scientists developed a profession of their own;  we can build or destroy! 

Whatcha know?  loathing and fearing was the procedure...all up in the spot I see them but wouldn't want to be them; so its sonic troops we deploy! 

The Sonic Assault is the ploy used; boy please was the response! 

Hell is caught; now some are drunk, smoked out, or on bath salts;  told them I see them when I see them...that was my response!

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