Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boot Camp / Basic Training

O-Zone is like the Drill Sargent Therapist on the Geico commercial! 

O-Dizzle is rocking don't stop; like James Holmes in Aurora...nothing fair about love or war ...this is boot camp / basic training; who will work with a bro? 

The reign began with a drizzle...but whats up Holmes?  there's still a drought like out in the some clique up like the Boot Camp Click..Buckshot and them; others will roll solo! 

Plans fizzle...things fall apart like Rep. Todd Akin running off at the mouth...hit the reset button!! but the young buck shot up in the air like he was shooting at God...what did he know?

....As we go there....things are odd...noticing circumstances are debatable?  are we being built or torn down? 

....As we go there...noticing egos are deflatable; mamby pamby residents yield to temptation...walls are torn down! 

Basic training taught us society will hate on a bruh like they do Obama ....they didn't turn the level of scorn down! 

Running from the devil like the Ohio Players song; boot camp got us in shape!! but he was gaining on South African authorities against miners in Johannesburg....he was throwing down! 

Its going down!! but boot camp and basic training was received in Newburg / Louisville!

Its going down!! from the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenburg food stamps, weed, drank and reality checks were part of the currency;  that's the deal! 

"I know dats right" said old girl down here in Georgia;  word to the basic training!

"That ain't right" said the the Georgia red clay represents bloodshed; Let The Healing Process peeps were in pain again! 

Listening to Freddie Hubbards Red Clay...whose caught out there in the rain again?  trying to run for shelter..but some were in the way! 

The boot camp / basic training didn't do them any good; they still lack stamina...they didn't back away from the buffet!

....Waiting in the dark; a boot placed on the tires of the Range they're caught on the security camera; they didn't play it right! 

Police vehicles were waiting in park; who has an alibi?  but boot camp / basic training won't make them say it right!

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