Monday, August 27, 2012

Whats Up With It? Inquiring Minds Want To Know...

Whats up with it? inquiring minds wanted to know; whats really going on? just like my blog...

Whats up with it?  its like being in Damascus...were enhancing survival techniques in the smoke enhanced by mirrors; out in the fog! London; whose responding to the madness like G4S? the brotha O-Dog considered a hot mess when this funk is dropped!

 First responding; but realizing front line soldiers can get set up like Afghans vs The I see the casualties that dropped! 

Whats up man? check the flavor burst though; coming through like Hurricane Isaac.....cosmic slopping...but dealing with the cosmic karma! 

Reality checks enslave ya..some keep cashing them; seismic proportions measured on the Reichter Scale...dipping to Phoenix like Isaac Hayes won't help...who will ring the alarm for ya? 

....or maybe the storm will get ya; jokers try to manipulate the weather.....Al Roker's forecast was off by a few degrees! 

Whats up with it?  as we still deal with the hate..trying to cross the bridge over troubled waters per Simon and Garfunkel as we go off with these!

Whats up with it? O-Dizzle will try to bridge the gap...dropping funk on jazzing and hip hopping..

Whats up with it Holmes? O-Zone will try to bridge the gap..we're never quitting and never stopping....

Whats up with it? the homeless found prime real estate under the bridge or overpass off of I-20 in Atlanta due to the

Whats up with it?  Plan Z for some like James Holmes in Aurora; check the horror and terror as some look for closure!

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