Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hows That Working For You?

Whats really going on? like my Wordpress site...inquiring minds want to know!!

I see how that's going down; some try to work the press...running off at the mouth like Rep. Todd how is that working for you? whatcha know? 

Trying to go with the flow..the status quo; soon like West Nile symptoms their body is aching...its easy to get blown away in the wind! 

Others will just let you go; meanwhile O-Dizzle's style is funky...he'll go for what he knows;  just playing a funky blend!

The reign began with a like Damascus there's heavy the high winds and heavy rain is falling! 

No pain no gain was the cliche / mantra; just trying to maintain..but one who can't stand the pain is falling! 

Its like a California wildfire...for some the shot clock will expire..whats up? bath salts..the weed, drank or cocaine is calling some who are suffering! 

Play at your own risk...the domain awareness system is in full affect..but some don't have high speed Internet; the website is buffering! 

Play at your own risk per The Planet check out how O-Dizzle will need for the rogaine..he rocks the baldy..but when this funk is dropped a naysayer said its nothing!

The floppy disc was replaced with a flash drive; like Michael Jackson some "wanna be starting something"

The poppy seed by product is flowing free from Afghanistan; so how is that working for you? 

Papi in Gwinnett County is the man!! with product from Mexico and you thought he was working for you?

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