Saturday, August 04, 2012

Way Way Out There....I Was Right There With Them

Jokers were acting like they were way way out there!!!...but I couldn't talk about them....I was right there with them! 

Spaced out jokers stalked about out here in the Babylon wilderness; caught in the thunderstorm like in Chicago at  Lollapalooza...acting brand new with ya.. this breakbeat science is what I give them! 

O-Zone is letting them know what the deal is;  O-Dizzle will give them the brand new funk!

 Way way out there...intergalactic travelers; the mothership landed on in the ATL where they talk about getting crunk! 

Jokers will talk junk like Romney in Indiana..they said its all this and that; but the glitches in the matrix has them! 

Now they're caught up in the system / matrix; I saw one time I was right there with them! 

But I didn't wait around with them in the dark...I'm way way out there...I kept it moving!

Spotted others with me...great minds think alike...but it wasn't "nothing nice" ....along the way I had to sacrifice;  O-Dizzle kept grooving!

 Like Usain Bolt...O-Zone keeps proving to the masses that he has some business about him self! 

Danger zone conditions improving?  I doubt that...its like those wildfires in Oklahoma...they'll probably get worse; but I kept weapons on the shelf!

Old girl told some to go on with their bad selves!! I don't know if that was a good thing...even though I was right there with them! 

But the drama will unfurl like Cuba Gooding Jr in the French Quarter...some will take things the wrong way; everybody plays the fool sometimes per Cuba Gooding Sr and The Main Ingredient; progress? they're impeding it... I couldn't work with them!

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