Saturday, August 04, 2012

Damn!! There Is Still No Where To Run Or Hide

We were all up in the whats the deal? it's like were caught in wild fires in Oklahoma...we happened to notice there's no where to run or hide!

 Authorities were making it hot like St. Louis in July...hells kitchen chefs?  we noticed they were in the spot where good and evil coincide! 

Territories are hostile!! some will incite a riot like it was the mass hysteria in Syria ....but we get scientific like Hadron Colliders!

But the saga / struggle continues; storms keep approaching like Tropical Storms Florence and Ernesto...whatcha know?  the system keeps hating on these freedom riders! 

Its easy to get caught up in the system / matrix; affected by glitches ....but a brotha stays way way out there...he keeps putting it down like this!

It wasn't easy.....there was no where to run or hide...I was brought up with crooks / junkies / drug dealers / robbers and stealers;  they put it down like that and this!

It wasn't easy...its like getting hit up by Pittsburgh Steeler types;  like the Steel Curtain...whose working with him? the Brotha O...whatcha know? there was no where to run or hide! 

Acknowledged the knowledge dropped by the old school baptist preacher; teaching us good and evil coincide!

 Good mileage up in the mothership when we ride!! from Louisville / Newburg to Damascus to Johannesburg! 

Good mileage up in the mothership!! from out west in the Bay Area on out to Pluto and Mars and over to Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

We didn't merge with evil forces; but it seems there's no where to run or hide!

As we proceed and continue to put it down like this; for freedom we continue to ride!

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