Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Dont Stop; We Keep It Moving

Some were waiting to exhale like the movie;  I was outside enjoying the Virgo sun rays...trying to get some fresh air! 

Some were waiting on me to fail; they didn't want to work with a bro!!  but check how this son of God plays...moves will be immaculate; check the batches coming out..fresh as we go there! 

Rolling like a mack with it...pimping/ talking junk like Rep. Ryan?  or even Ann old girl in Louisville said somebody is lying!! meanwhile moves made are systematic..since some of us are caught up in it! 

Those controlling try to track with GPS and satellites... but I had rights; keeping it hood...I was brought up in it! 

Lessons are taught up in this piece! unlike Republican conventions; check the insights....I even try to deflect anothers projections! 

Blessings are caught up in this'll get yours..I'll get mine...sometimes they combine..but green on blue attacks occur like Afghanistan;  especially after I survive the insurrections! 

Whose stressing? observing the scene...acting like we knew...on this seventh anniversary of Katrina? Issac shows up... but we survive those inspections; perfection is God's business! 

Whose stressing?  cameras were in intersections; was the light yellow or red? its received tell us what the deal is!

We kept it moving; breakbeat scientific business was the main focus! 

We kept it moving; the fake needed to find some business..pain was caused by the bogus! 

We kept it moving; sacrificial lambs were on the grill after they were marinated! 

We kept it moving; this art is official not artificial; in love or war nothing was fair...jokers still hated!


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