Monday, August 06, 2012

Glitches In The Matrix; They Didn't Go Away

Whats really going on?  like my blog on Wordpress ...I heard some are stressed...were dealing with glitches in the matrix! 

Things got hot like the extreme heat this summer...whats up with ya? in the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors these snitches try to fake it!

The  climate will change...its no joke; who you rolling with? soon under attack like Sikhs in did you respond son? drones and satellites will track down the non believers! 

Curiosity Rovers land on Mars...insecure ones try to heal scars..its no joke; danger zones get hit up from the sands of the Middle East like in Syria to the ATL; home of the wannabe macks and divas! 

Its no joke; spotted the stranger who was one of the clones in comfort zones...where slackers and under achievers reside! 

La La and mamby pamby land residents found out there's no benevolence....due to ongoing glitches in the matrix...please!! that's per The Architect...whats up with that? there's no where to run or hide! 

Whats the deal with this?  we manage to slide through the portal;  rolling in the hooptie down Memorial Drive in Decatur / Stone Mountain! 

......Listening to Bobbi Humphrey's Harlem River Drive; ignored a hater and the position they were found in!

 O-Dizzle is humping like the middle of the week; a beat breaker ....back on that funky sound again! 

Plans fizzle; jokers act brand new with me..needing back up per Black Ops; Call of Duty?  please!!  its always something due to glitches in the matrix....that come around again! 

We dipped but we came back around; once again!! ignored the glitches in the matrix! 

We keep it moving but we had to sacrifice;  plus we ignored these snitches that tried to fake it!

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