Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get Down On It Like Kool and The Gang

State your case you were told...like delegates nominating Romney;  the prosecution needs a rebuttal! 

The state is in your face!! like authorities in Syria against the rebels...what will the response be? check the persecution...even NFL referees face the backlash...plus armchair quarterbacks are in the huddle! 

Stake your claim down at Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta!! bums give the quarters back? damn!!  a fool was acting strange! 

State your name!! geeked up like Lil Wayne?  now your encouraged to get down on it like Kool and The Gang! 

Hate is the same worldwide; how bleak will it get? please!!  the golden rule never changed....but there are amendments!

.....Plus your guilty until proven innocent; there's no pity for the defendants! 

Like Republican National Conventions  pity parties were well attended;  due to lack of benevolence?...co-dependents chilled!

Street committee meetings were opposing the word on the curb....like at Jackson Hole ...co-defendants wheeled and dealed! 

Alt shift delete was the system's mission...observing the scene enabled me to see whats going down! 

Its not all sweet; some need to take Loose Ends advice about slowing down!

Its not all sweet;  but O-Dizzle gets loose with the funky blends; he's throwing down!

Its not all sweet; what's the dizzle?  can't you see how its going down!

But we continue to get down on it  like Kool and The Gang! 

Taking it day or even down to an hour at a time; to a fool that might seem strange!

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