Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dealing With Glitches In The Matrix; Now Getting Back In Sync

Dealing with glitches in the matrix..spotted snitches that fake it...caught out in storms like Ernesto in the trying to get back in sync; trying to catch up on my pimping! 

The saga / struggle continues; like trying to beat Usain Bolt ....I'm wishing it was a simple thing! 

"Pimping ain't easy" ...its not a thing of beauty..that's what old dude told me!

Putting in work like Frank Edgar...what can I tell ya? I'm trying to do my duty; but store clerks were rude...I'm at the service desk returning what they sold me!

I'm in the same business!! check the clearance rack epiphanies are turned like A123....please!!  I even relocated! 

Whats the business?  whats the deally?  jokers banned me from Blogster; those folks hated! 

Now resources are re- allocated...I kept it moving;  even though I had to sacrifice! 

Posted up like Dwight Howard!! Whats Really Going On? now I'm at Wordpress still fighting a coward...I heard they were stressed;  it ain't nothing nice! 

Whose paying the price after the drama came to their front door?  like the shooting at the Sikh temple?

Sacred grounds were violated; the devil hated.....Charlie Daniels said he was down here in Georgia! but he's everywhere...its not that simple...

Who faked it? said they were in the Lion's Den like Daniel but they forged the documents! 

Authorities staked out the crib...somebody's lying like Mitt Romney we have fresh visions of rocking it! 

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch....trying to get back in sync!

Knocked off balance by glitches in the matrix...bumping heads with Agent Smith and other flagrant Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Venus Transits in June plus Mercury Retrogrades were part of the charades...disaster?  it seems were on the brink!

 Knocked off balance by glitches in the matrix...but I kept the link open; Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry! 

O-Dizzle rocked out...O-Zone drops this good word...I'm trying to get back in sync;  dude said why ask why?

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