Monday, August 21, 2017

What Are You Talking About? PT. 10

We pulled into the parking spot rocking NASA approved sunglasses for the eclipse; some asked, what are we talking about? I told them we're going all out!!  might as well say we're in here!

We fooled around with parking lot pimping back in the day; on the set in dark shades, stalking about!!  we were out there.

O-Dog barking up the wrong tree? please!! O-Zone was on the path of totality dropping this math, totally after soaking up game from hustlers / players / pimps / preachers and teachers. 

Smoke / fog due to the sparking of flames? we can't hide, even in a cloak of invisibility reality will teach us. 

Jokers try to reach us but visibility in the smoke and mirrors was awful!! plus we're too far out /  intergalactic with it. 

Brokers try to reach us with the slick negotiations,  but they're erratic with it.

Broken beats and mathematics?  O-Dizzle is with it, plus is O-Zone  taking the baton from Dick Gregory?

Broken streets due to opioids and narcotics?  I'm peeping game,  how did the scheme/ plot get?  is it like Trump Afghanistan and opium?  what's really going on / happening? I pondered it while listening to DJ Gregory

What will the behavior be?  some ask me, what's up man?  what are you talking about? 

This beat slave will be putting it down;  breakbeat scientific!  going all out! 

Without a doubt!! this concept finale coincides with the Total Solar Eclipse..

It's also the anniversary of the Nat Turner Rebellion; plus others are telling some about the end of the world /  upcoming collapse..

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