Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hubert Tas - Roots [Jazz Hop Album]

Sunday Jazz Continues!! much respect to the people in Texas dealing with rains from Hurricane Harvey..

Prayers are sent up; players sent out into the game, but complex is how the sport is!! it's not that kind of party!!

It's not that kind of party for slackers;  hackers come with the next virus while the empire is falling apart..

It's that kind of party for jackers laying in the cut waiting on someone to slip; slick tires made some ride off the road, plus the vehicle is falling apart..

Wasn't balling, I'm playing a part in this by dropping some jazzhop courtesy of  Hubert Tas with the  Roots Jazz Hop Album...

Check out the playlist, dude was serious he wasn't playing around with this!! it's going down son.. 


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