Friday, September 14, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.7

We're out here making a jack move! the saga / struggle continues as you've heard me say and will continue to say as long as I'm on terra firma. 

Flashback Friday is the venue, like Hurricane Florence blowing in the madness continues!! after all these years it hasn't stopped!! there's plenty of lessons for a fast or slow learner. 

It'll be like Manafort making a deal with Robert Mueller, the cosmic karma earner will be a good or bad victim of circumstances. 

I had to man up in the spot, not acting brand new when good word dropping and  cosmic slopping!! it's one of my coping strategies,  as I chill in these debatable circumstances

Being built or torn down? oh yes!!  relating to O-Dizzle dropping the sound on the masses.

Oh yes, it's going down!! at the institute of breakbeat scientific studies he's conducting seminars and classes. 

Oh yes, it's going down!! destitute souls make a break for it like Hurricane Florence evacuees from the Carolinas!! corrupting the masses was part of the ongoing process. 

Robbing and looting souls is how the apparatus rolls!! some are fake with it,  even down in Nassau in the Bahamas dude mentioned stop the madness.

We're making a jack move, some said violently / viciously lobbing sonic grenades at those conducting the ongoing charades!! it's just part of the breakbeat scientific process. 

We're making a jack move, but not violent / vicious like Amber Guyger blasting on Botham Shem Jean!! now they want to character assassinate a dude because a little weed was found in his home!! the saga /  struggle continues as you've heard me say and will continue to say!!  these folk didn't stop the madness!

We're back with this Flashback Friday business, check the old school vibe that's been  updated!!  like information provided concerning Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings adjustments were required..

We're making a jack move per this Flashback Friday business that's conducted; why not? the shot clock hasn't expired!!

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