Sunday, September 02, 2018

Space Jazz Dub Men - It Don't Mean A Thing (Incognito Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues, excuse us as we try to get into a groove; we're trying to get this thing going...

Son of God spazzing after these menus contain food lacking nutrition? sho nuff,  I see how this thing is going..

Using intuition and ambition to launch this mission!! "going for what we're knowing"; sho nuff, of course we are...

Meeting opposition,  like Andrew Gillum due to racist robocalls / shady dealing from The Road To Power..

Cohorts of Rep.Ron DeSantis, I already knew / understand this!! intergalactic / spaced out but I know how these earthlings roll..

Now the mothership has landed, listening to the Space Jazz Dub Men with It Don't Mean A Thing (Incognito Remix); their version of the Duke Ellington classic!! this is how we roll..

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