Wednesday, September 19, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.8

Our backs were against the wall, so like China introducing their own tariffs we'll have to make a jack move / handle business

What's up y'all? we'll find out who's fair with this!! some didn't "holla back"  but I already knew what the deal was.

What's up y'all?  I see some of my constituents are caught out there,  they can bear witness to what the real was. 

 Or  like the Mitch McConnell and the GOP  trying to push Brett Kavanaugh through despite the allegations faced  we see what the real is; per this Humpday Extravaganza?  Tina Marie square biz is what it do or does.

 O-Zone? coping strategies didn't fail, I know what the deal is;  it's rough out here and it's not getting any easier!!. 

Danger zone business? we're going in / getting in, we'll have to make a jack move;  a dude wishes it was simple but the sport is complex,  nobody will appease ya! 

Dropping this thesis statement on ya,  plus the funk will smell like ammonia as we get breakbeat scientific. 

We're not late with it like Dianne Feinstein concerning Christine Blasey Ford!! as the the Fall Equinox approaches seasons and reasons led to treasons;  you know the fake aren't specific.

We're making a jack move, rolling up on the scene in the mothership not in a recalled Ford F-150 acting shady / shifty; somebody said the knowledge dropped was ambiguous,  but it's a big world somebody will feel this. 

We're making a jack move, the mileage is good on the mothership as a dude gets scientific with this.

We're making a jack move, but not foul with it; dropping this knowledge but not releasing classified documents like the Justice Department vs Donald Trump..

We're making a jack move, check the style as we drop this good word plus we're rocking it / doing justice with beats that bump..

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