Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.5

We're making a jack move on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday even though things can go either way, plus  it don't mean jack to another whether we show and prove...

2Pac mentioned they don't give a f%ck about us; everyday they'll show and prove!!

Was chilling like a villain/  Louisvillian but meeting opposition like Hurricane Florence blowing in with rain and a lightning bolt or two!!   naysayers don't like the way I put it down! 

Like John Bolton talking junk with the Federalist Society society is  playing me and my people the other way / didn't want to hear what a brotha had to say!!  they'll play me and you  like a clown. 

We're rolling like Usain Bolt with the quickness!! dropping this good word and the funk is my priority!! worthy of wearing the crown but I'm low key;  "y'all can have all that" 

Work with me?  please!! these earthlings aren't about that kind of life!!  they'll unravel this and that. 

...then they'll try to change the story,  like accolades given to John McCain when ten years ago he was playing Obama the other way. 

Usual hostile territory business, check the charades; per Colin Kaepernick they'll still continue try to play a brotha the other way.

 This hot style will tell the story as an adversity anniversary occurs; it's related to the Tommie Smith / John Carlos 1968 Olympics drama.

 It's the silver anniversary;  who'll work with me and you?  hatred is how they're responding.

With this Sonic Assault? we're transponding, making a jack move; who'll pick up the signal?

With this Sonic Assault? this is how we're responding!! you can jack your body like Steve "Silk" Hurley or check out what the good word will be / what it do..

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